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Black Tie Dinner Dance marks 5th anniversary

Guests regaled as local couple’s anniversary and birthday celebration advances to new level

Clarksville guests enjoy prime rib dinnerMay 16th and 17th marked the fifth anniversary of Family Properties’ Black Tie Dinner Dance. The annual combination celebration highlights the wedding anniversary of Doris and James Witherspoon and James’ birthday. What distinguishes this celebration is that the feted couple actually produce the annual weekend-long celebration, staging the affair and entertainment. The two-day gala features two sumptuous sit-down dinners and live entertainment provided by The Blues Doctor- “Dr. J. W. Feelgood” and the BCOL (Better Choice Of Living) Band.

Grandchildren from Temple, TexasFamily and friends travel from great distances across the country for this annual extravaganza of celebration and music. Grandchildren came from Temple, Texas, (left). Family friends arrived from New Orleans, Cleveland, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Phoenix and Detroit, while local friends from Clarksville joined this groundswell of visitors at the Holiday Inn in Hopkinsville for two nights of stellar live Blues and R&B favorites.

The music was high energy Blues and R&B performed by The Blues Doctor, Dr. Feelgood (James Witherspoon) and the BCOL Band. Additionally, guests were treated to a special performance by BB Queen from Detroit that brought everyone to their feet. The Lady knows her instrument. And she plays it so well! A podcast of the live performance will be available online at <http://unsignedartistsmixshow.podhoster.com>. Dancing thru the night, spirits were jubilant!

Doris Whiterspoon Greets Guests The New Orleans Table May 17, 2008

Mrs. Doris Witherspoon (l); Friends traveled from New Orleans(r)

BB Queen \ BB Queen wows the attendees

BB Queen “jams her stick!” (l); BB Queen excites the crowd (r)

BCOL Vocalist entertains BCOL Band \

BCOL Band brings Blues favorites (l); The Blues Doctor joins the show (r)


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