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‘Imagination Library’ puts new books in the hands of children

Dolly Parton is a passionate lady. She is passionate about her songs, passionate about her music, and most of all passionate about her family and her roots.

That’s why in 1996 Dolly Parton started her Imagination Library in her home county Sevier County, Tenn. She wanted Preschool children and their families to be passionate about books.

Imagination Library is a program designed for children to receive a brand new age appropriate book from birth until age five. You can sign up at any time to get your child started. The book is mailed directly to your house. This is a community funded program and the Dollywood Foundation tracks and mails the books to the families entirely for free!

In March of 2000 Dolly approached The National Press Club in Washington D.C urging other communities to take action and to pick up the program to spread the love of literacy.

And spread it did, at the end of 2007 Dolly’s program was in 732 communities, in 43 states as well as the District of Columbia and Canadian provinces and is now available in the United Kingdom.

In Tennessee alone 50% of children are enrolled in the program!

Elle-Girl is one of those enrolled. We love our monthly books. They are beautiful hard backed books that are exactly what she is interested in that particular month. The book without fail, captures her attention and quickly becomes her favorite book, that is until the next book arrives at the first of the month. When I open up the mailbox and see our new book I too get giddy with excitement at the opportunity that awaits us, reading the book together. Some times I look at the book and think, no way is she going to be into this, and before long I find myself at our local library trying to find more books by this author because Elle-Girl can’t get enough of that book!

I strongly urge, if not passionately plead you, if you are not enrolled, to please take the time to give this gift to your child. You may say “We have too many books as it is.” In which case I would say “Can you really have too many books?” As I said already, these books are good quality books that are geared toward the age of your child. These books are carefully chosen by the utmost respected book critics and published by well renown Penguin Group USA publishers. What do you have to lose? See for yourself what your child has to gain.

Enroll now online. Or at your local library.


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