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Dui checkpoints: keeping our roadways safer

Halloween DUI checkpointAs trick or treaters wrapped their Halloween adventures early Friday evening, Clarksville Police revved up their sobriety checkpoints targeting older Halloween celebrants and other drivers as the month of October drew to a close Friday night.

The CPD and Montgomery County Sheriff’s Department have run a number of such checkpoints and saturation patrols, aimed at reducing the number of impaired drivers, speeders and other in violation of driving laws.

As we move toward the gatherings and high traffic period of Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season, we hope these effective checkpoints are not only continued but expanded. They only serve to make the streets of Clarksville and Montgomery County safer for everyone.



  1. Out in the county, we had at least two patrol officers driving around my neighborhood making sure everything was safe.
    I wished they would have gotten outside the car, and walked or biked the beat though. I think there is a lot to be said for a cop to get out of the car, it encourages more community interaction, and therefore builds trust. The mounted police is a good example.
    I am glad they were out there, but instead of just waving to guy every time around, it would have been better to be able to actually be able to converse.

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