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Phone call phishing scam targeting Montgomery County

scamThere appears to be a phone scam at work targeting Montgomery County residents. The scam involves a long distance phone call being made to a local number. This is an automated response call informing the recipient that their F&M Bank account is in jeopardy and directing the resident to push “1” or say “Yes” to receive more details. Pressing “1” transfers the called party another automated response setup that asks for a credit card or ATM card account number. At this point, it’s best to just hang up your phone.

Your bank would never call you to ask for this information. This writer received such a call Monday afternoon and knew right away it must involve some type of scam because I don’t have an account with F&M Bank, yet this alert notice said my F&M Bank account was in jeopardy. If you see this number on your phone’s display, 1-213-596-8982, be wary. This was the number used to contact this writer. This appears to be a phishing scam, an unauthorized attempt to gain bank account, credit card or ATM card account numbers.

Sadly, this type of criminal activity is also a part of the holiday season press. Report any such calls to the police department and your phone service provider. Be careful and cautious, but do enjoy your holiday season. “Gluckliche Festtage!”



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