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Climate Fellowship offers students real-world opportunities

earth1Clean Air–Cool Planet (CA-CP) has successfully worked with communities, campuses, and corporations to achieve millions of tons of greenhouse gas reductions.

Small investments made in getting initial, catalytic projects off the ground often lead to greater institutional commitment and long-term success in comprehensive climate leadership efforts. Yet it can often be difficult to allocate the resources necessary to get those projects completed.

In light of that reality, and with the generous support of the Roy A. Hunt Foundation, CA-CP has created its Climate Fellowship, a competitive, prestigious program designed to pair outstanding students with challenging real-world opportunities to propel society toward a low-carbon future.

This program seeks highly qualified graduate and undergraduate students in fields such as environmental policy, economics, statistics, engineering, physical and biological sciences. Projects are challenging and in-depth, and may include creating or updating greenhouse gas inventories; conducting feasibility studies or implementing operational and process changes to reduce GHG emissions; creating and updating web-based tools and resources, or others identified by partner organizations.



About the Author: This item was submitted by Catherine Lowther, Professor of Psychology, Goddard College. Dr. Lowther is also a member of the “Scholars for 9/11 Truth and Justice Association.”


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