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Arts academy summer camp selects local woman as principal and site director

Performing Arts Academy The Amun Ra Theatre in Nashville, TN has named Ms. Tamara McMoore from Clarksville-Montgomery County as the Principal and Site Director for their summer youth program. The Amun Ra theatre is the first theater facility to focus on the African American culture and experience in Nashville for over 100 years. The Academy youth perform all over the city for various organizations, and at area events.

Their summer program offers youth between the ages of 9 and 13, the opportunity to train under some of the top performing artists in Nashville. The program runs for six weeks, and provides rigorous daily instruction in Drama, Dance, Music, Public Speaking, Creative Writing, and the Visual Arts. The young people learn self-esteem through the arts and how to express themselves in a positive way. The youth will be visited weekly by working artists, and other celebrities who will provide motivational instruction to help in allowing the students to embrace their own hidden lights. Students are held to the highest artistic standards.

This year they are proud to host the camp in their own facility on Clifton Avenue. The Amun Ra Theatre’s summer program  is proud to receive support from Tennessee State University each year. The Program well regarded and highly respected citywide. The Theatre is one of Nashville’s premier performing arts ensembles.

For more information contact the Amun Ra Theatre at 615-329-iACT (4228), or send an email to . They welcome the public’s assistance as they continue in their mission to uplift and enlighten the local community and its youth.

Editor’s Note: The Urban Resource Center provided this release.


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