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State Report Card General Information On CMCSS

The Clarksville-Montgomery County School SystemClarksville, TN – The whole district met the Federal AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress) benchmarks in all areas and subgroups.

Graduation rate remains statistically the same. At this writing, there is a correction needed on the graduation rate since the state has MCHS wrong in the data. We are working now to get them to correct it. It will be somewhere between 90.5% and 91%. Last year’s rate was 90.8%.

All individual schools remain at the highest NCLB status of good standing with these exceptions:

  • Kenwood Middle School (School Improvement I – Improving) This means that they made AYP this year and are working their way back to good standing, which takes two years of making AYP. Congratulations to KMS!
  • Northeast Middle School – School Improvement I (second year not making AYP) – All groups made AYP but the special education subgroup. The students in the Special Education subgroup experienced greater than expected academic growth, but the percent of students able to meet the new mastery grade level proficiency expectations did not meet the federal target.
  • This is our best showing on AYP in five years as far as number of schools in good standing with only two schools noted.
    • In academic achievement, our scores were good compared to the state:
    • Math B (the state average score is C)
    • Reading Language Arts B (the state average score is C)
    • Social Studies A (the state average score was B)
    • Science A (the state average score was C)
  • Out of 136 school districts, our number of A’s and B’s is only bested by five districts in the state. This tells me we are off to a good start in implementing new standards and assessments.

In value added scores, like the rest of the districts in the state, the scores do not look good, and we did only slightly better than the state as a whole with Math – D (state is D), Reading D (state is D), Social Studies B (state is C), Science D (State is D)

Our cohort dropout rate is thankfully at an all time low at 4.5% (5.4% last year)

Our attendance rate is at an all time high at 94.7% (94.3% last year)

What were the changes to the report last year?

  • A new uniform grading scale for achievement and value added for all subjects was implemented.
  • There was a recalibration/renorming with the last five year’s of achievement test results which gave us no ability to compare previous year’s data for a true comparison trend data.
  • What changes happened this year?
  • More rigorous standards.
  • More rigorous assessments were implemented.
  • Redefined proficiency levels.
  • Recalibration using 2009 as a baseline.
  • Third-eighth TCAP assessment will count as part of the student’s math and language arts grade for second semester (delayed until 2011-2012.

What is the difference between achievement and value-added?

  • Achievement is what the student knows as determined by the end of the year state achievement test.
  • Value-added (TVAAS) is the academic growth of the student in one year as determined by the end of the year state achievement test.

What do the grades mean?

  • The letter grade “A” or “B” indicates the students in the school performed above the expected target.
  • The score of “C” means the students in the school performed at the expected target.
  • The score of “D” or “F” indicates the students school did not meet the expected target.
  • What do the grades mean?
  • High Schools do not receive letter grades but status grades.
  • The status grade is based on the students’ predicted achievement and expected growth created from prior performance on state assessments.

What data are reported?

  • 3-8 reading/language arts, math, social studies, and science achievement/growth, Writing, ACT Explore.
  • 9-12- Algebra I, Biology, English I and II, Writing, US History, ACT, and ACT PLAN.
  • Graduation.
  • Attendance.
  • Promotion rate.
  • Discipline.

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