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Afghan forces, Task Force Bastogne continue operations in Sherzad District

Written by TF Bastogne Public Affairs 
Fort Campbell KY, 101st Airborne DivisionBastogneNangarhar Province, Afghanistan – Afghan National Security Forces and Soldiers from 1st Brigade Combat Team, 101st Airborne Division, Task Force Bastogne, continued operations in the Sherzad District January 8th clearing the village of Toto of insurgent fighters to reinforce a foundation of security in the area.

During the initial push into the district the joint force found several caches containing 12 rocket-propelled grenades, one bag of ammonium nitrate, 3,000 pounds of heroin and various pieces of equipment used to manufacture illegal drugs.

“The ongoing operation west of Nangarhar was successfully accomplished without civilian casualties, and it is mentionable that the local people are satisfied with the ongoing operations in the area,” said Afghan Maj. Shirin Agha, public affairs officer for 2nd Infantry Brigade, 201st Corps, Afghan National Army. 

“The development projects that were promised will increase the local support of the government,” said Agha. “The ANA soldiers were well trained for this successful operation. We are here now with all the combat equipment and will fight hard for our people to keep them safe from terrorist organizations and drug dealers.”

The joint force uncovered more than 500 pounds of heroin and marijuana during security sweeps.

“Afghan and coalition forces will maintain constant pressure on the insurgents in western Nangarhar,” said U.S. Army Col. Andrew Poppas, Task Force Bastogne commander. “These operations continue to show that we can go anywhere at any time to defeat the enemies of the Afghan people.”

Operations are ongoing.


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