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Rapidly Rising Lake Levels Create More Impacts at LBL

Land Between the LakesGolden Pond, KY – Tennessee Valley Authority and the Corps of Engineers are predicting unprecedented lake levels for Lake Barkley and Kentucky Lake rapidly rising to 372 feet by May 4th (13 feet over summer pool) and will be held at this level for a couple of days.  The current lake levels are 367.4 feet and are predicted to rise to 370.7 feet by Sunday, May 1st. 

These lake levels have caused flooding along all of Land Between The Lakes (LBL) shoreline. As of today, LBL staff closed all boat ramps, and lakeside campsites, trails, and roads. All developed campgrounds will be closed by Sunday, May 1st.  These areas will be barricaded and closed for safety of all visitors.  Citations will be issued to anyone found beyond barricaded areas. Star Camp will be temporarily open for camping.

Do to flooded roads there may temporarily not be access to cemeteries. Wranglers Campground remains closed until further notice due to this week’s storm damage. Turkey Bay Off-Highway Vehicle Area and Trails is closed due to saturated soil conditions and current flooding.

Open LBL day-use facilities include North Welcome Station, Nature Station via Silver Trail Road, Elk & Bison Prairie, Golden Pond Visitor Center and Planetarium, Golden Pond Target Range, The Homeplace, South Bison Range, and South Welcome Station. Activities such as hunting, picnicking, and hiking will be available in limited areas; however, caution should be used due to saturated soil conditions and weather conditions. 

Visitors are encouraged to check the Alerts & Notices page at www.lbl.org for current information, closure lists, and details before coming to LBL, due to the recent storm damage and continued flooding. 

Use caution on all roads in LBL due to flooding and overly saturated soil conditions. LBL staff asks visitors to observe all closures for your safety. 

In addition, everyone is urged to use caution when crossing creeks, streams, or any areas with standing or flowing water. All low lying areas should be avoided.


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