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Amateur/Professional Riverfest Art Show Benefits Smith-Trahern Mansion

Lynne Waters Griffey
Lynne Waters Griffey

Riverfest 2011

Clarksville, TN – At Riverfest, art lovers gathered at the Smith-Trahern Mansion on Friday night, September 9th, to view not only the Amateur/Professional Tour d’Art Show but to witness the introduction of a watercolor painting of the mansion by Clarksville artist, Lynne Waters Griffey.

Griffey said that when she learned of the desperate need for renovation to the Smith-Trahern Mansion, she “thought and thought about how she might help.” She came up with the idea of painting the mansion so that copies of it could be sold to raise needed funds. She said, :If I have any part in saving this mansion, I’ll consider it an honor.”

Digital prints of the painting are being sold at the very reasonable cost of $50.00 for an 11 by 14 unframed print or $30.00 for a 9 by 12 print. Further information can be obtained by calling Clarksville Parks and Recreation Department at 931.645.7476.

The Smith-Trahern Mansion fund-raising effort is being led by the City of Clarksville, Parks and Recreation Department, Mayor Kim McMillan, and other city leaders. Prints are also available at the Fort Defiance Interpretive Center.

After the announcement of the mansion’s need, the Amateur and Professional Division of Tour d’Art proceeded. The atmosphere was that of a party where most of the Clarksville-Montgomery County art community was present.

Outside on the lawn the Cumberland Winds-Woodwind Quintet played enticing music in the early fall evening and enhanced the festive atmosphere with the sounds of perfectly blended jazz.

Indoors a banquet of hors-d’oeuvres and wine enticed party goers to go back for seconds and thirds. Food was donated by The Chopping Block, Hilltop Market, Chili’s and Wal-Mart.

Tonya Vaden of Clarksville Parks and Recreation introduced not only Lynne Waters Griffey but also Beverly Parker who has served for 16 years as coordinator of the Smith-Trahern portion of Tour d’Art. Ms. Parker presented the awards to artists chosen by juror George Anderjack, the executive director of the Tennessee Arts League.

The following were artworks purchased to be part of permanent exhibits in the sponsors of the Professional/Amateur Division of Tour d’Art:

  • F & M Bank: Sue (Louise) Claus, “Living on the Edge,” Painting/Watercolor
  • Planters Bank: Jim Hancock, “Eye on Education,” Digital Photography
  • Neal-Tarpley Parchman Funeral Home:
  • Dorothy Thompson, “Sunday Stroll,” Painting/Watercolor
  • James Lindsey, “Guardians of the Night,” Digital Photography

Prizes were awarded as follows:

  • Best of Show: Richard Hogan, “Homage to Evening,” Mixed Media/Print Collage

Professional Division

Digital Photography

  • First place, Larry Safko, “Frozen Glory”
  • Second place, Tonya Coleman, “Flying Free”
  • Third place, Piper Bell, “Heavy Burdens”

Honorable Mentions:

  • Tony Centunze, “Salt 250 Million BC”
  • Tony Centunze, “Midnight in Pisa”
  • Piper Bell, “Won’t You Please Venice Italy”
  • Larry Safko, “Winter Design”

Film Photography

  • First place, Mitzi Cross, “Parts of a Woman”
  • Second place, Malcolm Glass, “Study x 1 (Wings)”


  • First place, Brad Reagan, “Jerome”
  • Second place, Linda Pierce, “The Grip of Sovereignty”
  • Third place, Gwendolyn Rodriguez, “Blackbirds”

Honorable Mention: Brandt Hardin, “Cyborg”

Painting & Watercolor

  • First place, Leah Foote, “Two Great Blues”
  • Second place, Lynne Griffey, “Key West Magic”
  • Third place, Lynne Griffey, Garden Observatory”

Honorable Mention: Bettye Shely, “United We Stand”

3D/Fiber Art

  • First place, Guy Bozard, “Maple Bowl”
  • Second place, Ramiro Santoyo, “The Road”
  • Third place, Terry Ellis, “Splated Red Oak”

Honorable Mention: Martha Pile, “Dark Fires Community Banner”

Mixed Media/Print Collage

  • First place, Billy Renkl, “A Patch of Grass”
  • Second place, Kimberly Santiago, “Art of Repetition”
  • Third place, Brandt Hardin, “We the People”

Amateur Division

Digital Photography

  • First place, Mark Zirkle, “Prima Classe”
  • Second place, Jim Alexander, “Venice Beach Muse”
  • Third place, Grant Schryver, “Upside Down”

Honorable Mentions:

  • Michael Campbell, “Cave Spook”
  • James Lindsey, “Guardians of the Night”
  • Bob Gandy, “Cumberland Sunset”
  • Jessica Huang, “Heart’s Reflection”
  • LoAnnette Butler, “Memories”

Film Photography

  • First place, Heidi Hopkins, “Frozen”
  • Second place, Lara Pugh Bailey, “Remembrance”
  • Third place, Heidi Hopkins, “Faded Splendor”


  • First place, Monica Dahl, “Hope”
  • Second place, Paula Edwards, “Bleeding Heart”
  • Third place, Gabriele Wateiner, “Once Upon a Time”

Painting & Watercolor

  • First place, Sue (Louise) Klaus, “Living on the Edge”
  • Second place, Donna Borris, “Burchett Cabin”
  • Third place, Mary Hoffpauir, “Copper Chaos”

Honorable Mention:

  • Judy Morgan, “Tennessee Beauty”
  • Kay Lomirande, “Sunset at Port Vanders”

3D/Fiber Art

  • First place, Lynn Toombs, “Cedar Birds”

Mixed Media/Print Collage

  • First place, Gabriele Wateiner, “Stormy Seas”
  • Second place, Nicole Santoyo, “Crested”
  • Third place, Winnie Bagley, “Hydranga”

Riverfest thanks Legends Bank, Beverly Parker, the Arts and Heritage Development Council, Ellen Kanervo, Planter’s Bank, F & M Bank, Neal-Tarpley Parchman Funeral Home, Chili’s, The Chopping Block, Hilltop Market, Wal-Mart, Cumberland Winds-Woodwind Quartet, Lynne Waters Griffey, Smith-Trahern Mansion-Family and Community Educators, Al Clark, Kazuko Lamirande, Guy Bozard, Gabriele Wardeiner, George Anderjack, The Leaf-Chronicle and volunteers for supporting the 2011 Riverfest Art Exhibit and Tour d’Art.

The Tour d’Art Professional/Amateur party at the Smith-Trahern Mansion is an annual event not to be missed by any art lover in the area. Crowded with artists, family members, and those who appreciate the hard work that results in a timeless piece of art, it is always a night to remember.

Photo Gallery

Photos from the 2011 Tour d’Art

Sue Freeman Culverhouse
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