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Mean What You Say and Say What You Mean with ACS Couples Communication Workshops!

Morale, Welfare and RecreationFort Campbell, KY – It is no secret that men and women communicate differently. Sometimes these differences can lead to huge misunderstandings which can cause friction in a relationship. Whether you have been married for just a little while or for several years, communication plays a vital role in all aspects of your relationship.

Army Community Service understands the impact that good and poor communication can have on a relationship, and is inviting couples to participate in the Couples’ Communication Workshop taking place on October 19th from 6:00pm to 8:30pm at the Family Resource Center (FRC).

Using curriculum from several different programs and resources with a primary influence from the Prevention and Relationship Enhancement Program (PREP) out of the University of Denver, the seminar facilitator, Marianne Erdman, is able to give couples a different perspective as to what might really be going on when communication is lacking in a relationship.

The workshops include power point presentations, DVDs, videos and natural, frank group discussions. Marianne states that workshop goers are willing to discuss their situations because “whatever goes on in the workshop stays in the workshop.”

The Couples’ Communication Workshop are open to all couples, other than those involved in domestic violence, and usually are a good mix of all ranks and marital lengths. This diversity allows for the couples that are struggling in their marriage, couples that are getting accustomed to newlywed life, or couples that want to ensure they are on the same page, to learn from each other by sharing what does and does not work for them. Hitting on why communication is so important in relationships, Ms. Erdman pointed out, “that if couples come away from the workshop really understanding that good communication is the real
key to getting your relationship to not only survive, but to thrive, then the workshops accomplish what they are designed to do.”

Limited child care is available for those with children. In order to utilize the child care, the child must be registered with Child, Youth and School Services (CYSS).

Registration is also required for the workshops and interested parties should call 270.412.5500 or 270.798.2045 for more information.


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