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Former Austin Peay State University Student ‘Raps It Up’

$izzul The Gr8Clarksville, TN – $izzul The Gr8 is on his way back to Tennessee, but this time as a recording artist. “I want people to know that there’s some real hip hop out there,” said the smiling rapper, who also sings in a smooth tenor voice on his songs.

$izzul, whose real name is Kory Marlowe, was born and raised in Nashville Tennessee. He attended Austin Peay State University, where he discovered his rapping talent. Marlowe’s roommate was Stephen Williams, who is currently a gospel rapper in Nashville, TN known as “Young Duck.” Williams and Marlowe used to “rap it up” as Marlowe says.

$izzul recently released his new album, "The Star Child."
$izzul recently released his new album, "The Star Child."

Marlowe packed up and moved to Bend, Oregon a few years ago, leaving his comfortable life in Tennessee behind. “The Lord never gives us anything that we can’t handle,” the rapper said. “I had a child…a little girl—my pride and joy. Her mother decided to move to her hometown. I’ve got too much pride to have someone else raise my child. As a man you have to make decisions and that was the best decision for me.”

Marlowe has his share of musical influences, including Common, Kanye West, and Outkast. But it was Busta Rhymes who caught his eye first. “I like his energy and creativity,” said Marlowe. “He wasn’t afraid to be different.”

Being unique is something that Marlowe appreciates about Hala-X, one of the producers of his new album, Star Child. “I like his style because he’s not afraid to be different. He takes something and goes completely left field with it.”

Hala-X produced the album’s opening track, a catchy hip hop track with the feel of a James Brown song, complete with funky rhythms and synth horn arrangements. The song, titled “Out on the street,” introduces Marlowe to his listeners and provides candid detail on how he grew up. In addition to Hala-X, other music producers featured on the album include Tristan, Ozone, Beat G33ks, Adamack, Sinima, Quickbeats, Cortez Leavell, Allrounda, and Sean Divine.

Another of Marlowe’s favorite cuts from the album is called “Keep Splashing.” The song is about overcoming obstacles and self doubt. “If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else can do that for you,” explained Marlowe. The lyrics offer a glimpse into the soul of the 6’3 musician. “A lot of rappers need gimmicks but I need none//I put my faith in the Lord until my time comes//Sometimes I feel like I’m in the rain with no umbrella//holding a glass slipper praying for my Cinderella.” “I’ll never be” is another of his favorite songs, where he explains that he’ll always be himself and not a follower.

Marlowe says it took him a year and a half to completely finish the album, which is the first one he’s ever recorded and mixed in a professional recording studio.

The 29 year-old doesn’t spend all of his time on music. He is currently majoring in english education online at Grand Canyon University. A patient man, he knows that all goals will be accomplished in time. “I’m taking it slow because of other obligations and priorities.”

Marlowe is seemingly always in a good mood. Every morning he texts his friends “Good morning” even if he doesn’t talk to that particular friend much. His music has the same charming quality. “I want people to hear my music and appreciate it for the realness that it is. I want people to hear my music and feel like they know more about me on the personal level.”

Marlowe will make visits to the south to promote his new album. He has shows scheduled for Nashville in the summer. He also says he’s interested in performing in Clarksville at APSU. The rapper is currently working on getting his music on i-tunes. His music can currently be previewed at www.reverbation.com/sizzulethegr8.

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