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Hackers gain access to Clarksville Montgomery County School System database and threaten to release information on 14,500 Students and Employees

110,000 CMCSS Records Were Accessed

The Clarksville-Montgomery County School SystemMontgomery County, TN – The Clarksville-Montgomery County School System has been alerted that hackers have accessed personal data of students and employees. A 911 call was made just before noon on Sunday to the Clarksville Police Department that 110,000 records had been hacked into.

The Police Department contacted CMCSS, which deployed its technology specialists to begin investigating what might have been accessed. It has been determined that a group of hackers has made a direct threat with plans to release a portion of the data.

All school system websites have been shut down. CMCSS is seeking outside expertise in additional web security, and have requested law enforcement assistance. The Clarksville Police Department, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have all been contacted.

Naturally, we are very concerned about this attack on our password protected information and will do everything within our power to resolve the issue. Meanwhile, it is recommended that individuals closely monitor their financial accounts.



  1. All the news and information I’m getting from the school seem to leave a lot of the note left by the hackers out. Here is the complete message.

    Clarksville, Tennessee was primarily targeted due to their belligerence. To be clear here, We gave Tennessee a chance to comply and they didn’t, therefore, this is the consequence they’ll have to swallow. To be fair though, we’ll only drop 14,525+ Citizen Records. Lo and Behold, here we go, folks:

    This seems to indicate that our schools knew that there systems were not secure. I would like to know how long the officials knew that the data was at risk and failed to lock down the security leaving all of us and our children at risk. Then the school calls and says something to the effect of “Our bad now deal with it.” ??
    I expect more from our community leaders than this.

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