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Clarksville Police reports Thieves Stealing Check and Money Orders from Apartment Complex Drop Boxes

Clarksville Police DepartmentClarksville, TN – Clarksville Police Department reports that thieves stole checks and money orders from six different apartment complex drop boxes from various locations around Clarksville between September 27th – October 7th.

The thieves located the drop boxes and were able to extract checks and money orders from the inside of the locked boxes. So far, there has been over $7,200 reported stolen in the thefts. Since Police have been working the case, they discovered the same type of crime has occurred in Kentucky and Georgia.

Police have some good suspects in the theft, but need to continue the investigation before securing warrants.

CPD recommends apartment complexes or businesses which utilize drop type boxes, which are openly accessible, should ensure checks, cash, or money orders cannot be extracted through exterior means.

The lead investigator is Detective Vincent Duke or Detective Alan Morgan, 931.645.8477.

The video above shows the suspect as they are enter and leave one of the apartment complex’s locked drop box area. It took a little under three minutes to extract the checks and money orders.


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