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Signs Now of Clarksville becomes Clarksville-Montgomery County Green Certified

Clarksville-Montgomery County Green Certification ProgramMontgomery County, TN – Signs Now of Clarksville, celebrated their Clarksville-Montgomery County Green Certification with a Green Ribbon Cutting Ceremony on Thursday, September 19th.

Owner Dick Pryor and his team have worked hard to reduce their environmental impact. Pryor took a few minutes to elaborate on some of the things they are doing.

Green Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Signs Now of Clarksville
Green Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for Signs Now of Clarksville

“We’re saving all of the metal and taking it to the scrap yard, and all of our copper and aluminum are recycled. We have a large 80 gallon for used oil. Rather than disposing of it, we take it to a repair shop up the street where it is reused for heat.

“We shut things down at night and adjust the thermostats after hours to save energy and have talked with the employees about doing the same thing at home.”

“Not long before becoming involved with the green certification program, we had a large solvent ink printer that produced a strong odor. I sold it and purchased two energy efficient, low emission wide format printers, one is HP Latex and one is an OCE ink. Any ink we don’t use goes into an overflow and we send it back to HP. Nothing goes to waste.”

“My employees even bring their personal used ink cartridges in and I take those to Office Depot and get a credit. Everywhere we can we’re trying to save from taking it to the dump,” explained Pryor.

In addition, Signs Now recycles paper and cardboard and the large cardboard rolls that come with vinyl wrapped around them are given to The Teacher’s Warehouse for projects.

Montgomery County Mayor Carolyn Bowers was on hand to congratulate Signs Now for their efforts.

“What you’ve told us is what we’ve heard from a lot of people – that your efforts to become green really created some revenue and it’s saved money,” said Mayor Bowers.

“The good part of this is it spreads. By you deciding you want your company to go through this process, your employees have picked up on it and it will spread through their families hopefully and the next generation will be more trained in being environmentally friendly. Congratulations Dick, I’m really proud of you and Signs Now,” said Bowers

Signs Now offers indoor and outdoor signage, everything from signs and banners to digital signage and tradeshow displays and a variety of other items that help businesses stand out. To find out more about Signs Now in Clarksville visit http://www.signsnowclarksville.com/ .

If your business has an interest in learning more about the Clarksville-Montgomery County Green Certification Program email Michelle Newell at or call 931.245.1867.


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