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Calico Ball raises money for local animal organizations

Celebrate the New Year at the Calico Ball

Clarksville, TN – Across Clarksville last night Clarksvillians gathered together to say goodbye to 2013 and to welcome in the New Year with style.

At the Calico Ball located in the Customs House Museum, the focus was on having a good time while supporting an important mission providing support to the organizations which help take care of animals in our community including the Humane Society and the Montgomery County Friends of the Shelter. Both are incredibly worthy organizations who can put both your time and money to good use.

Couples dancing at the Calico Ball
Couples dancing at the Calico Ball

The events featured a DJ, and dancing along with a wonderful selection of food and drinks.

The two organizations sold tickets to their members which they get to keep, they also get to split the proceeds of the silent auction which was held at the event.

Organizer Tony Centonze told Clarksville Online that the event was named after his girl friend’s cat who had recently went through an illness. They got the idea to hold the event to raise money for the organizations mentioned above.

2013 was a mixed years for most people, and we all hope that this will be a better year for each of you.

Tilted Kilt was my final stop of the night, I had previously stopped at the Calico Ball, and the Indoor Aquatic Center’s New Year’s Eve Splash

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Bill Larson
Bill Larson
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