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Make Up Your Mind, America

Medical SymbolClarksville, TN – A few weeks ago, the news broke that medical waste containing aborted babies was being used to generate electricity in the UK. Shortly thereafter, we learned that this same “medical waste” was being shipped to an electric power facility in Oregon. Thank the Lord, the commissioners of Marion County passed an order last week to stop the incinerator from using aborted babies.

For the moment, “the incinerator must stop accepting medical waste until procedures are in place to ensure aborted babies are not among the substances burned to produce electricity.”

As grateful as I am that the Oregon facility is no longer burning the remains of unborn children, I have to ask: In a nation that murders more than a million of its children each year, why the outrage over the incinerator issue?

Clearly, the order states and the consensus seems to be that medical waste is just that—waste—and therefore there’s nothing morally wrong about using it to power televisions and toasters. It’s the fact that aborted babies are among that waste that has caused the hoopla.

But that seems outrageously hypocritical to me. It is waste, or is it not? Are we aborting mere “tissue,” or children? If it’s just tissue, then why set it apart from any other tissue? But if it’s more than tissue—if it’s the remains of human children—then why are we aborting these children in the first place?

“Medical waste” or “tiny humans”? What’s it going to be?

Victoria York
Victoria Yorkhttp://www.douloschronicles.com
Author and editor Vicki Doulos York freelances for various sources, including LifeWay Publishing. She also assists her husband Kenny, founder and director of Manna Cafe Ministries. Visit her blog, The Doulos Chronicles, at www.douloschronicles.com. Facebook page: www.facebook.com/douloschronicles.com. Twitter: VictoriaDYork

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