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Grillin’ & Chillin’ BBQ Team travels to Clarksville’s Hilltop Super Market’s 5th Annual BBQ Cook-Off

Grillin' & Chillin'Springville, TN – On May 2nd and May 3rd, my wife, Lisa and I, at 2:00pm set out on our weekend BBQ adventure. This weekend destination is Hilltop Super Market’s 5th Annual BBQ Cook-Off in Clarksville, TN.

This is less than a two hour drive from our home in Springville, TN, so we were super excited. But as we set out on these adventures week after week, we know to be expecting anything under the sun as followers of my verbal rendering Y’all have heard the stories.

BBQ Cook-Off at Clarksville's Hilltop Super Market.
BBQ Cook-Off at Clarksville’s Hilltop Super Market.

This weeks trip was a pleasant surprise. The highway and traffic was at an easy flow as it should be on a beautiful Friday afternoon in May in the great state on Tennessee.

As we arrive on location, we knew we were running behind as there were teams set up and smoke was rolling from all various types of Cooker’s, Grills and BBQ Ovens.

The quarters were tight but cozy. We signed in and began to set up on our 20/30 sq ft. home yard BBQ headquarters for this weekend. All is going great.

Preparing the chicken entry.
Preparing the chicken entry.

The competition coordinator, Dwayne Byard came down and thanked us for coming and made us feel welcome and pointed out that the staff members of Hilltop Supermarket were readily available to lend a hand or answer questions about their store and community.

I could tell this was building up to be a 1st class competition that was going to be not only well run but a family friendly event. You know a big enough event to make it worth our while to come and compete in but still small enough to let your kids walk around without an adult escort right over their shoulder and I got that this was the norm here at Hilltop Market, an over the top Market with a lot of high end items but with a staff that spoke and were concerned about your needs.

The evening grew on as the band fired up. The competitors were turning in their Best BBQ Wings category and this set up a hot wing eating competition and the laughs went on from there. It was a sight to see.

Great job for thinking out side of the box coordinators. It was great entertainment for competitors and the viewing community. As the band was winding down, you could see the expression on all the teams faces. This is the time the real work begins for most competitors.

They have had their competition meats injected and have been marinated in some kind of home brew or store bought concoction. It’s time to dial in whatever smoke or cooking device that they have chosen for this competition.

My cooker smoker is effectively called O’le Moe. A rig I designed 4 years ago. A truly competition kitchen and O’le Moe is known all over as being a serious cooking machine. The night was a clear but cool night. It seemed to be almost calming before the storm. A great night to reflect on your cooking times and temps.

As the sun rose and the celebrating began again, it was getting close to turn in times. It looks like it’s going to be a great turn out, people enjoying looking at the cooker and visiting with the cook teams.

We have hit all our temp and cook times which is the back bone of competition cooking and team Grillin’ & Chillin’ is pumped. We felt it has been a great effort. So turn ins are thru and we just await the judges decisions.

Finally the awards are ready and we are waiting to hear if all the hard work and effort is going to pay off. And it was; as the score cards did show a very tight and high scoring event.

Grillin' & Chillin' BBQ Team wins Grand Champion at the 2014 Hilltop Super Market BBQ Cook-Off. (L to R) Lisa Brawner and James Brawner.
Grillin’ & Chillin’ BBQ Team wins Grand Champion at the 2014 Hilltop Super Market BBQ Cook-Off. (L to R) Lisa Brawner and James Brawner.

Team Grillin’ & Chillin’, your writer and contributor on this BBQ tell received 4th place Chicken, 1st Place Ribs, 1st Place Pork and 2014 Hilltop Market Grand Champion. Thanks to all of you who follow us and read our stories of adventure on the BBQ trail.

So till next time just remember these little tip’s Women are made to love, Money is made to spend and if you’re looking you’re not cooking. See’ya.

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