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AAA Urges Motorists to Celebrate the NFL Super Bowl Safely

Tow to Go service available now through February 1st

AAATampa, FL – Whether you are attending or hosting a Super Bowl party, AAA wants everyone to celebrate safely. For those going out this weekend, that means having a Designated Driver.

You can also call a cab or stay where you are celebrating.

Whether you are a AAA member or not, you can call for a Tow to Go ride anytime Friday through Sunday night. AAA will then safely transport you and your vehicle home or somewhere safe within 10 miles.

Tow to Go

For Super Bowl party hosts, AAA has the following tips:

  • Encourage carpooling with a  Designated Driver or have a Designated Driver available to drive guests home as needed
  • Don’t force alcoholic beverages on your guests or over-serve them
  • Serve protein-rich, starchy foods throughout the evening
  • Have plenty of non-alcoholic beverages available
  • If you are concerned for someone’s safety and they don’t have a Designated Driver, call them a cab, have them stay overnight, or call Tow to Go

“We are asking all motorists to celebrate the big game in a responsible way,” said Gerry Gutowski, senior vice president, Automotive Services, The Auto Club Group. “Never get behind the wheel impaired and make sure your friends and family do the same.”

Since its inception in 1998, Tow to Go has safely removed more than 23,000 impaired drivers from the roads. The service is designed to be used as a last resort. It is offered based on availability of AAA drivers and tow trucks during times of high call volume. The Auto Club Group Traffic Safety Foundation provides the Tow to Go service because it helps keep all motorists safe from the dangers of drunk driving.

Tow to Go Services:

  • Confidential local ride within a 10-mile radius to a safe location
  • Service is provided in Florida, Georgia and Tennessee
  • Free and available to both AAA members and non-members
  • The AAA service vehicle transports the driver and their car


Tow to Go Service Area Phone Number
Florida, Georgia and Tennessee 855.2.TOW.2.GO or 855.286.9246


Anheuser-Busch Wholesalers have been cosponsors of the program since its inception in 1998.

Not only has the company provided funding for the service, it has also worked with local bars and restaurants throughout Florida, Georgia and Tennessee to help educate servers on the importance of not over-serving their customers.

For nearly three decades, Anheuser-Busch and its nationwide network of 600 wholesalers have invested more than $1 billion in national advertising campaigns and community-based programs to encourage responsible drinking and prevent underage drinking and drunk driving.

For more information on these efforts and the progress being made in fighting underage drinking and drunk driving, visit www.anheuser-busch.com

About Auto Club Group Traffic Safety Foundation

Established by AAA – The Auto Club Group in 2010, Auto Club Group Traffic Safety Foundation, Inc. (ACGTSF) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and public charity dedicated to producing a significant and continuous reduction in traffic crashes, injuries and deaths in the communities targeted by its efforts.

ACGTSF provides programs, education and outreach to increase public awareness about the importance of traffic safety and improve driving behavior. ACGTSF is funded by voluntary, tax-deductible contributions from organizations and individuals who support ACGTSF’s purpose.

About The Auto Club Group

The Auto Club Group (ACG) is the second largest AAA club in North America.  ACG and its affiliates provide membership, travel, insurance and financial services offerings to approximately 9 million members across 11 states and two U.S. territories including Florida, Georgia, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, North Dakota, Tennessee, Wisconsin, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands; most of Illinois and Minnesota; and a portion of Indiana.

ACG belongs to the national AAA federation with nearly 55 million members in the United States and Canada and whose mission includes protecting and advancing freedom of mobility and improving traffic safety.


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