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Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office alerts public to Scam

Montgomery County Sheriff's Office - MCSOClarksville, TN – The Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) would like to alert the community of a scam that has resurfaced.

How the scam operates: The intended victim receives a phone call from the suspect who identifies himself as a Deputy or Sergeant with the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. In each instance, they have identified the victim by name. The victim was then told that they have a warrant for their arrest.  

In past cases, the suspect tells the intended victim an amount of money that must be paid to avoid being arrested. The suspect (caller) then directs the victim to immediately go to their bank to withdraw the money owed.

The victim may also be directed to take obtain a money order or Green Dot card and send it to the suspect.

When or if the victim becomes suspicious and hangs up, the suspect may call back. In the most recent scam they are calling from a 931.209.4577 number. The suspect may tell the victim that deputies will be coming shortly to arrest them if they do not pay the fine.

Montgomery County Sheriff John Fuson would like to remind residents “We do not call citizens to let them know we have a warrant on file and we never solicit fines or fees over the phone.”

If you have information or have been a victim of a recent scam, please contact the MCSO at 931.648.0611.


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