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Tennessee Republican Party Statement on Tonight’s Results in the Tennessee Presidential Preference Primary

Election 2016Nashville, TN – The Tennessee Republican Party released the following statement from Chairman Ryan Haynes regarding Tennessee’s results from the Presidential Preference Primary:

“While we are still awaiting complete results from around the state, it is clear that Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Marco Rubio will leave Tennessee with delegates. Those three campaigns had large operations in our state and earned votes here. I congratulate Mr. Trump for winning here, as well as Senator Cruz and Senator Rubio for their strong showings. Tonight was the first stage of a national campaign and I commend all of our candidates for competing hard across the SEC Primary and Super Tuesday.”

Vote Be Counted

“Meanwhile, Democrats continue under performing. Hillary Clinton cannot put away a socialist who is out raising her. On our side, Republicans continue turning out at a record level. We are focused squarely on November and it is clear, as long as our candidates focus on our conservative policy solutions that empower Americans of all colors and all backgrounds, we will win a resounding victory against Hillary Clinton this fall.”

Quick facts about the SEC Primary and Tennessee

– 11 states award delegates on March 1st, with the majority of states being in the South, hence the “SEC Primary” moniker.

– In all, 595 delegates are awarded on March 1st.

– March 1st is also known as “Super Tuesday” because more delegates are awarded this day than any other during the Republican primary calendar.

– In general, states holding Republican contests prior to March 15th will award their delegates on a proportional basis.

– Tennessee awards the third-most amount of delegates (58) on March 1st, following Texas and Georgia.

– As a basic rule of thumb, Tennessee has a 20% threshold for a campaign to be awarded delegates in our state [Exceptions: 1) One candidate receives 67% of the vote, or 2) No candidate gets to the 20% threshold].

– To secure the Republican nomination for President, a candidate needs to capture 1,237 delegates.

– Recent previous winners of contested Tennessee GOP Primaries:

1988 – George H. W. Bush
1996 – Bob Dole
2000 – George W. Bush
2008 – Mike Huckabee
2012 – Rick Santorum

– 2008 GOP Turnout: 553,005

– 2012 GOP Turnout: 554,573

– 2016 GOP Early Vote Turnout: 257,209 (+62% higher than 2012 EV)


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