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Clarksville Leaders Visit Decatur-Morgan County, Alabama for Annual Intercity Visit

Clarksville Area Chamber of CommerceClarksville, TN – The Clarksville Area Chamber of Commerce has recently returned from its annual Intercity Visit on March 29th and 30th in Decatur, Alabama.

The trip gives business and community leaders the opportunity to tour and meet with other leaders to learn how cities similar to Clarksville-Montgomery County manage their growth, development and community best practices.

Clarksville Leaders take part in Annual Intercity Visit
Clarksville Leaders take part in Annual Intercity Visit

Decatur-Morgan County was selected for its striking similarities to Clarksville-Montgomery County in terms of assets; including a riverfront location, historic downtown area, and industrial presence. The city has excelled in its redevelopment efforts through a coordinated approach and community commitment to investment and growth strategies.

“The similarities between Decatur and Clarksville make this year’s trip an excellent community development opportunity,” said Tommy Bates, chairman of the Clarksville Area Chamber of Commerce. “We learned how Decatur managed its vision to effectively change the economic landscape. The information we gathered will help us align ideas and efforts in Clarksville-Montgomery County.”

Participants spoke with local officials and toured the area to learn about downtown revitalization efforts, public/private partnerships, growth demands, and recreational development.  Decatur and Morgan County leadership facilitated the discussions and presentations were supplied by Mayor Don Kyle, City of Decatur; Ray Long, Commission Chairman, Morgan County; and agency heads from multiple organizations including the Chamber of Commerce, Convention and Visitors Bureau, Redevelopment Authority, and Parks & Recreation.

Decatur boasts quality of life amenities and tourist attractions that include a thriving downtown, first class recreation facilities, redeveloped historical sites, and unique partnerships including the development of shared facilities for the local four-year university and community college.

The annual Intercity Visit is funded by the Aspire Clarksville Foundation to provide educational opportunities that support the continuous improvement, livability and economic vitality for Clarksville-Montgomery County.


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