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Progressive Directions Incorporated becomes Clarksville-Montgomery County Green Certified

Clarksville-Montgomery County Green Certification ProgramMontgomery County, TN – Progressive Directions Incorporated (PDI) is the latest Clarksville-Montgomery County Green Certified organization.

Montgomery County Mayor Jim Durrett, City of Clarksville Chief of Administration Charlie Gentry, Chamber President Melinda Shepard, Bi-County Director David Graham, Nyrstar Plant Manager/CMCGCP Steering Committee Member Steve James and County HR Director/ CMCGCP Steering Committee Member Tim Swaw were congratulated PDI for their efforts at their green ribbon cutting.

Progressive Directions Incorporated Green Ribbon cutting Ceremony.
Progressive Directions Incorporated Green Ribbon cutting Ceremony.

PDI Executive Director Jay Albertia and Director of Development O’Bee Bryant shared a few of the changes they had made which included updating the lighting, adjusting thermostats for savings, using green cleaning supplies, transitioning from paper towels to microfiber cloths, and the genuine commitment to recycling and reusing.

Community Resource Coordinator Margaret Davis shared. “When we moved away from paper towels and began using the multi-colored microfiber cloths, it was a $10,000 a year savings. We serve a lot of different organizations with our cleaning services and we used to use paper towels for everything. We use different colors to match the different types of green cleaning supplies which also became a helpful training tool.”
Bryant said, “We recycle everything that is recyclable. We also have 68 donated vehicles used in our fleet that we work hard to maintain and we recycle all of the oil which is approximately 200 gallons per year. With all of the recycling we do and the convenience center across the street it has not been necessary for us to even have a trash container in a building with 30 employees. The CMC Green Certification Program has been a great way to help us identify what we have done and identify goals to continue moving forward.”

Albertia mused that they have always practiced reusing, “Every piece of furniture in our office building as well as some in the other buildings has been donated from law firms and various other places throughout Clarksville. Having a community that is so generous helps our team focus on providing the best services to the people we serve and for that we are very grateful. We appreciate the donations and always find someone who can use them if we cannot.”

 “We are proud of the valuable work PDI does for our community. It continually amazes me how well the leadership and staff serve those who utilize the programs provided through PDI. I also appreciate the concern you have for our local environment and the commitment to make a difference,” Mayor Durrett stated.

Gentry added, “Mayor McMillan also appreciates your hard work and the emphasis you have put on conservation practices. It is meaningful to her.”

PDI was established in 1978 but originally began in 1976 as the Smiles Center that served eight adults who had intellectual disabilities. PDI now serves more than 1,000 individuals from children to adults of all ages who have been identified with developmental and/or intellectual disabilities. Programs provided through the dedicated PDI staff range from range from early intervention, Buddy Ball, supported residential living, supportive employment and adult day care.

To find out more about PDI or what you can do to support the crucial work of this organization please visit progressivedirections.com or call 931.647.6333.

If your organization has an interest in learning more about the Clarksville-Montgomery County Green Certification Program email Michelle Newell at or call 931.245.1867.


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