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Coronavirus, Help Manna Café Ministries Help Those Most Vulnerable

Manna Café MinistriesClarksville, TN – We are all in this together and Manna Café Ministries is asking you to help them help those that are most vulnerable.

Where Manna Café Ministries used to pick up 3,000lbs of bread, produce and meat from local grocers, they are picking up 200lbs.

Kids who were eating at school are now at home without transportation to school lunches still being served.

Every $20.00 you give buys 80lbs of food.

Your support has made it possible for Manna Café Ministries to give back to the community and they appreciate you.

Click here to Donate.

About Manna Café Ministries

Manna Café Ministries is a faith-based organization devoted to meeting the needs of homeless and low-income families in Montgomery County. Each year, Manna Café provides food boxes and hot meals to 20,000 local residents.


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