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New lockers on APSU campus to alleviate students’ stress of buying, finding menstruation products

Austin Peay State University - APSUClarksville, TN – Before leaving Austin Peay State University (APSU), Kelly Carpenter, former coordinator of Leadership & Student Organizations, wanted to designate two lockers with menstruation products for students, no matter their need.

One of the lockers. (APSU)
One of the lockers. (APSU)

Now, thanks to different campus organizations, these lockers – Locker 49 and Locker 50 – are available on the first floor of the Morgan University Center.

To access these products, students will scan the QR Code on the locker. They will then be taken to the document that discusses the locker and gives the combinations.

Menstruation products can be expensive, and Carpenter didn’t want students worrying about finding these items when they’re in need. The hope of these lockers is to give students peace of mind when they need products and to provide students with a safe place to do so.

“Pads and tampons are a necessity for those who menstruate; however, they are costly and not as accessible as other necessities,” Ashley Kautz, Coordinator for the Adult, Nontraditional, and Transfer Student Center, said. “Further, due to the stigma society has created around periods, some individuals are hesitant to reach out when in need. We hope that this locker creates access to menstruation products for any and all who are in need.”


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