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Clarksville’s Tracey Lynn Webb publishes book of devotionals

Clarksville Book ReviewClarksville, TN – Tracey Lynn Webb found herself at a low point in her life, following a divorce, and turned to God for direction and purpose.

“I found myself at a very low point in my life and my daily time with God became my lifeline,” said Webb.  “I started sharing my thoughts on social media and they presented as a devotional and I was inspired to write this book.”

The Blossom Project

“The Blossom Project (30 days with the Master Gardener) is a thirty-day devotional to encourage others to develop the habit of spending time, on a daily basis, with God. 

“It’s my prayer that you will get to know the heart of God through these short, daily devotions, and I encourage you to walk through his garden and discover for yourself,” she said.

Webb says that life today is filled with so many negative messages that it’s easy to let that affect your mindset and setting aside time for God’s word reminds you of the TRUTH in your life. 

Drawing on her own life experience, her faith became stronger during the times her sons were with their dad after the divorce, and reading scripture and inspirational books help lay the groundwork for being prepared to write her book.

Author Tracey Lynn Webb
Author Tracey Lynn Webb

“Psalms is my favorite book of the bible because David is the author and he is SO real.  He makes HUGE mistakes, but he loves the Lord with all his heart and I can relate to that” said Webb.

The title of the book, “The Blossom Project” came from Tracy reading CS Lewis who wrote a book about George MacDonald (one of his biggest influences) and MacDonald alluded to the idea that as God’s creation, we don’t know what we are meant to be because we’re still in the process of becoming.

“I got the idea to use a different flower for each day because like us, they’re in the process of blossoming into their unique full bloom, so it became the Blossom Project,” Webb said.

Her simple writing style and genuine emotions about how her daily devotional make this book an easy way to begin a walk with God.  With encouragement from friends and family, Tracy put her mind and heart to work on this project.

“My faith is the center of who I am,” she says, “and from an early age I felt the power of a God who answers prayers and it had a huge impact on me.”

Tracey Lynn Webb is a Clarksville native who works at Austin Peay State University.  You can order her book here.

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