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Clarksville Online launches New Look

Clarksville OnlineClarksville, TN – On Tuesday morning, September 1st, 2021, Clarksville Online released a new look for its webpage. The new website represents months of work and fine-tuning to add several new features.

“Clarksville Online’s new website has come from the collaboration of several people and a lot of our readers,” said Publisher and Website Designer Mark Haynes. “We have had several suggestions from our readership on what they wanted from a Clarksville News site and we did our best to incorporate those ideas into this look.”

The sleek new design has several new features to bring an enjoyable experience to the reader. Now visitors can read on just the topics they are interest in as well as view articles like the old site, in the order they are published.

Content of higher interest can be highlighted in several ways now on the front page allowing readers to quickly get to the stories they are searching for.

“Most of this would not have been possible without the ideas and feedback from our readers,” Haynes stated. “If you had a suggestion but did not see it in this new version of the website, don’t worry, more add ons to the site are coming. Clarksville Online appreciates everyone that had a part in this new look.”

Clarksville Online has been serving the Clarksville-Montgomery County area since 2006.

Clarksville Online is a digital newspaper for the Clarksville and Montgomery County area. For your Clarksville News Now, it’s Clarksville Online.



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