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City of Clarksville releases Up-to-date Project Progress on Transportation 2020+

Features statuses of road, sidewalk, and transit projects

City of ClarksvilleClarksville, TN – City of Clarksville Communications has released its latest update to the Transportation 2020+ website where users can see up-to-date progress for each Tier 1 road, sidewalk, and transit project in the Transportation 2020+ Strategy.

The latest update was made possible through a collaboration with the Clarksville Street Department who is overseeing the execution of the Strategy and providing weekly updates that correlate to the public-facing website.

“This website provides us a level of transparency like never before for local government,” Clarksville Mayor Joe Pitts said. “The City Council adopted the Transportation 2020+ Strategy in July, and we have had our foot on the gas ever since. Weekly project updates with our Street Department are being held for status updates, contracts are being signed, dirt is moving, and progress is being made.”

“To help tell the story of what’s going on behind the scenes, we developed this site so the citizens of Clarksville not only have a better understanding of what their money is contributing towards, but to also understand the intricacies of road, sidewalk, and transit projects. I encourage everyone to visit transportation2020.com and to keep an eye out for updates as we pave the way towards progress in Clarksville,” stated Mayor Pitts

Along with progress tracking, the website also features a live camera feed of the current progress being made on the Rossview Road project with more cameras at major project sites to be added in the future. A detailed breakdown of processes such as design and engineering, right-of-way acquisition, and construction for road, sidewalk, and transit projects can be found on the site to better inform the public on the various steps that must be completed to move forward with a project.

A “Latest News” tab has been added that aggregates City news releases pertaining to the overall progress of the Transportation 2020+ Strategy and its projects so that the public can quickly reference the latest major developments.

“Not everyone understands what goes into a road or sidewalk project along with which governmental entities are responsible for certain infrastructure,” Senior Engineering Manager Chris Cowan said. “The hope with this new website is that we can better educate the general public on these processes to build a realistic understanding of the timelines on these projects and the complexities that unfold along the way.”

Released in unison with the Transportation 2020+ Strategy in February 2021, the corresponding website has since undergone various enhancements to provide timely and accurate information pertaining to the Strategy.

About the Transportation 2020+ Strategy

The Transportation 2020+Strategy is a strategic document designed to guide transportation decisions within the fiscal reality of the City’s budget. The Strategy prioritizes transportation projects into three tiers with a combined estimated cost of $462 million. These projects are tiered based on need, their ability to solve the City’s most pressing traffic and mobility problems, and the best allocation of City resources to equitably implement transportation priorities throughout the city.

The strategic document was developed by Mayor Joe Pitts, the City Council, and leaders of the Clarksville Street Department, Clarksville Transit System, Clarksville Parks & Recreation, Clarksville Finance & Revenue, the City Communications office the Regional Planning Commission, and City’s Metropolitan Planning Organization who studied Clarksville’s priority transportation needs for several months in 2020 to develop a strategy for action.

Being that major thoroughfares in Clarksville are state highways, The planning group worked closely with Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) officials to understand where, how, and when State Routes will be improved so that state projects could better align with the Strategy.

Tier 1 projects are prioritized by their ability to adhere to the City’s transportation core values. They are generally larger projects which are ranked as urgently needed to address traffic congestion, promote motorist and pedestrian safety, connect the community and expand transit service.

Learn more about the Strategy at www.transportation2020.com


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