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Clarksville Area Urban Ministries launches new Website

Clarksville Area Urban MinistriesClarksville, TN – Clarksville Area Urban Ministries announced today the launch of their new website. The website will offer everyone access to the most up-to-date information and services via an easy-to-use format.

The site highlights two of the organization’s most prominent programs, Grace Assistance and SafeHouse. Visitors to the site can find details about the program’s service offerings targeted to meet the community’s most pressing needs, including utilities and rental assistance, support for domestic abuse survivors, and much more.

For those wishing to support the organization’s important mission, there will be information on how to volunteer and to donate. The website also highlights the coming arrival of Clarksville Area Urban Ministries’ latest program, New Horizons, which evolved from the original SafePlace Program. New Horizons will offer temporary single-family housing and guidance with the goal of transitioning families to self-sustainable permanent housing.

“Whether you’re a possible client, donor, volunteer, or a potential business partner, one visit to our website delivers powerful guidance. With its visually prominent buttons, tabs, and links, users can quickly navigate with incredible ease, finding the answers they seek in record time. We know this tool has the power to advance our mission of ‘Providing Service and Empowering People’,” states Maggie Pearson, Executive Director of Clarksville Area Urban Ministries.

Together with its recent partnership with the City of Clarksville, the organization has more than tripled the number of individuals served in recent months, distributing an incredible $150,000 in COVID rental assistance, with hopes of more to come. In an effort to support those who have needs the organization can fulfill while also needing to limit direct contact during these trying times, Clarksville Area Urban Ministries will be providing new online forms with e-signature capability.

“This latest website upgrade proves that Clarksville Area Urban Ministry’s commitment to ‘standing in the gap’ lives on and that we will not slow down in pursuit of our mission,” continued Mrs. Pearson. No matter who you are, what your needs are, or what you have to offer, visit www.clarksvilleurbanministries.com today to see the many possible opportunities for hope, help, and healing.


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