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Judicial Candidate Eric Yow Aims To Create Mental Health Court In Montgomery County

Eric Yow for JudgeClarksville, TN – On Tuesday, October 27th, 2021, Republican General Sessions and Juvenile Court, Division II, Judicial Candidate Eric Yow, announced his intention to establish a Mental Health Treatment Court in Montgomery County Tennessee once he is elected.

The establishment of such a court would create much-needed pathways for those who need treatment, instead of just jail time.

Yow will always enforce the law as written but will strive to help those members of our community who need additional support to ensure they do not fall into a needless cycle of recidivism.

“I want to start a Mental Health Court in Montgomery County.  There are people in our community who are simply not getting the treatment that they need.  A Mental Health Court in Montgomery County, as found in nine other counties across Tennessee, will save taxpayer money, reduce jail crowding, and help a significant portion of our population receive the services that they need to get back on their feet.” 

Eric J. Yow

If you would like more information about this topic, please email the campaign at info@ericyow.com


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