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APSU Student Spotlight: Austin Peay State University’s Alyssa Amos, business, theatre major

Austin Peay State University - APSUClarksville, TN – For Alyssa Amos was drawn to theatre after seeing her cousin in a play.

“I loved the feeling of everyone in the audience feeling the exact same thing at the exact same time,” Amos said.

Right after, Amos talked with the middle school director and learned about technical theater.

During high school, Amos acted in plays with her school, senior capstones, and community theater. Once Amos got to Austin Peay State University (APSU), she began stage managing and found something that she wanted to pursue.

“I originally intended on studying prelaw,” Amos said. “But once I got into stage managing, I realized I liked the order and technicality of it all.”

Austin Peay State University student Alyssa Amos. (APSU)
Austin Peay State University student Alyssa Amos. (APSU)

Stage managing takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Amos swears everyone should invest in a Google Calendar to help keep their lives together.

Amos sees stage directors as “puppeteers of it all.”

Making sure every job gets done is a giant task, but without stage managers, the show would never be able to go on.

The opportunities available to Amos have been endless. From collaborating with New York City playwright Jake Brasch on “Our Tempest,” working in theatre during COVID-19, and learning Bob Fosse work, Amos has had quite the experience.

“At Austin Peay, you are an individual,” she said. “All the professors here are willing to give you any opportunity you can dream of. That’s so rare. I wouldn’t have experienced all that I have if it hadn’t been for Austin Peay.”

Juggling school, life, theatre, work and other obligations is challenging.

“I work 15-hour days right now,” Amos said. “It’s a lot of checking in with yourself and making sure you’re doing OK.”

No matter the stress, Amos sees the “beautiful product” as a worthy result. Through her experience, Amos has learned a lot about herself and what she can handle.

For those who are considering picking up a major or minor in something they are passionate about, Amos says to just “do it.”

“By doing so, both sides of your brain are activated,” Amos said. “Having a wide array of skills is what’s going to get you hired.”

Amos’ double concentration has helped set her up for success and given her a “competitive edge.” After graduating from APSU, Amos plans to go to theatre houses in the region to gain experience.

“I’d love to work with the hiring team or through HR right off the bat,” she said. “But the long goal is to work as an operations manager.”

Major: Business & Theatre

Graduation Year: August 2022

Campus Involvement: Stage manager with APSU Theatre & Dance, Alpha Psi Omega Sorority, National Society of Leadership and Success, Sexuality and Gender Alliance

Hometown: Unionville, Tennessee


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