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U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn Calls Out Liberal Media, Radical Left For Waging A Culture War

U.S. SenateWashington, D.C. – U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-Tenn.) called out the liberal media’s spin and the radical left’s culture war during a speech on the Senate floor.

Tennesseans Aren’t Buying The Liberal Media’s Spin

“Earlier this week, I gave some examples as to how the media is covering Judge Jackson’s lackluster performance in her Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing. I’m not sure who they think they’ll persuade with these unhinged attacks, but what I do know is that the subtext has come through loud and clear for Tennesseans.

It is ‘sit down, shut up, stop questioning authority, and if you don’t abide by our rules we’re going to get you.’ That’s what these headlines are basically saying. Last night, I hosted a telephone town hall with more than 30,000 people across middle and east Tennessee and they have rejected the message that they’re seeing in these headlines. It’s simple for them: the harder the media tries to silence them, the more they crave accountability. This is especially true when it comes to protecting the future for their children and their grandchildren.”

No Amount Of Damage Control Can Fix Judge Jackson’s Inability To Define “Woman”

“Now, as I am sure many people will recall, during a line of questioning in Judge Jackson’s Confirmation Hearing, I asked her a very simple question. All I wanted her to do was define the word ‘woman.’ She told me she couldn’t answer the question because she wasn’t a biologist…[Her answer] was a deliberate signal to a specific group of individuals, our friends in the media flew into damage control mode and went to great lengths to refute a simple fact that every single American learned in their grade school science class. Judge Jackson’s answer and the media’s panicked defense of it were both completely divorced from reality.”

Families Feel Like They’re Fighting A Losing Battle Against The Erosion Of Our Basic Values

“What worries me even more is her refusal to acknowledge that when it comes to law, not everything can or should be up for debate because political activists demand it. Our legal system is built on a foundation of definitions and rules, which are two equally important components. In this case, if we concede that the definition of a woman is too controversial to nail down, how can we demand equal justice under the law for victims of sex discrimination?

Furthermore, how could the Supreme Court determine standing for any case regarding a gender based rule? To take it even further, if words no longer matter, are the definitions of other protected classes up for debate? If so, which ones? And if not, then why not? Whose standard are we using here? Think about that. Each day, I hear from Tennesseans who feel like they’re fighting a losing battle against the erosion of our basic values.”

The Left Has Waged A Culture War Against Parents And Their Children

“Slowly, but surely, activists are forcing themselves between parents and their children, stripping words and institutions of their meaning, and using their power to eliminate dissent. It’s no way to run a classroom and it’s no way to run a country. But right now, parents I’m talking to are looking at Washington and seeing the left use these same tactics to convince whoever gives credence to these unhinged headlines that reality is somehow up for debate.

Mr. President, they’re not going to tolerate it anymore. Not from Congress, not from the White House, and certainly not from the Supreme Court. I think it bears repeating that the purpose of the Supreme Court is to interpret the law, not to take up arms in a culture war. I cannot in good conscience, give my endorsement to a Supreme Court nominee whose first instinct was to chip away at the very foundation of the law, rather than challenge the expectations of radical political activists.”


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