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Blanchfield Army Community Hospital offers Two Saturday Clinics for School, Sports Physicals

Blanchfield Army Community Hospital (BACH)Fort Campbell, KY – Blanchfield Army Community Hospital (BACH) will conduct a walk-in school and sports physical clinic, Saturday, July 16th and 23rd, 2022 from 8:00am to noon at Byrd Army Family Medical Home, at 7973 Thunder Boulevard, Fort Campbell.

These walk-in dates may be used for children assigned to a primary care manager at BACH or a TRICARE-network PCM off post.

School and/or Sports Physicals are Required For:

  • Any child entering Christian County or Clarksville-Montgomery County schools for the first time
  • Any adolescent who enrolls in the 6th grade in Christian County or Fort Campbell Schools
  • Any adolescent who is entering the 7th grade in Tennessee
  • Any student participating in school-organized sports
  • Any youth participating in Fort Campbell’s organized sports programs

“School physicals serve as an important periodic wellness check required by most schools at critical stages of child development and prior to participation in competitive sports. These visits are a great opportunity to assess a child’s physical and emotional health, educate on health and social concerns, and to make sure they are on track developmentally,” said Lt. Col. Domenick Nardi, BACH’s chief of Primary Care and a board certified pediatrician. “The older kids get, the less often they tend to go to the doctor unless they get sick, so it is a great opportunity to make sure there aren’t any urgent concerns.”

Walk-in clinic participants should be free from COVID-19 infection, recent COVID exposure or COVID-like symptoms.
Parents are encouraged to download the appropriate school or sports physical forms required by the child’s school district and complete the forms prior to arriving at the physical appointment. Children should wear shorts and a short sleeved shirt to facilitate the examination.
Parents may download Kentucky, Tennessee and Fort Campbell forms from the Blanchfield Army Community Hospital website. Visit https://go.usa.gov/xuvFQ for quick access to the Patient-Centered Medical Home page and scroll down to the School and Sports Physicals tab.
Children who have had a school or sports physical completed at one of BACH’s medical homes within the last 12 months and have had no medical changes, may not need a new exam. Parents can simply contact their child’s care team to have the required school forms completed. Paperwork may take up to three business days to complete.
School and sports physicals are also available by appointment weekdays for families assigned to a PCM at BACH, including Screaming Eagle, Young Eagle, Air Assault and Byrd Medical Homes by calling the appointment line at 270.798.4677 or 931.431.4677, or by emailing your care team using the TOL Secure Email Messaging.
When scheduling an appointment please inform the team whether the child will attend a school in Kentucky or Tennessee or another state during the 2022-23 school year.
Parents of patients with more complex or complicated conditions, or who may require additional time should schedule a separate visit with their PCM during a normal appointment time. Care teams will not be addressing any acute or chronic medical issues on the walk-in school and sport physical clinic days.

For the latest information from Blanchfield Army Community Hospital please our website at https://blanchfield.tricare.mil


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