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Topic: Senate District 22

Senator Barnes, Rep. Pitts praise Building Commission for APSU project approval


apsu-logoSenator Tim Barnes and Representative Joe Pitts today praised the Tennessee State Building Commission for granting approval of the early design phase of a project for the Chemical Engineering Technology Facility at Austin Peay State University.

Senator Barnes and Representative Pitts have been working diligently with members of the State Building Commission to gain approval for the project.

“This project is a very good thing for Austin Peay and Montgomery County,” stated Sen. Barnes.  “I appreciate the excellent work of the members of the State Building Commission and I look forward to working with them on other projects.” «Read the rest of this article»


Breaking News: OBAMA WINS!


O-Ba_Ma cheers and the sound of drums vibrated the rafters of the Riverview Inn with the magic number of 285 electoral votes scrolled across the large screen TV screens.

With wins by State Rep. Joe Pitts and State Senate-elect Tim Barnes also in hand, it was a night of cheering and celebration for Clarksville’s Democrats.

At 10 p.m., the key races were over.

Details to follow.

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Breaking News: Barnes takes Cheatham, Houston Counties


Attorney Tim Barnes took Cheatham County with a 7112 victory over incumbent and write-in candidate Rosalind Kurita. Kurita’s write in campaign tallied 4696.

In Houston County Barnes garnered 1907 to Kurita’s 1079.

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Sign of the Times: Montgomery County Republicans promote Kurita write-in campaign


"Write-In Kurita" stickers beside a John McCain figure at Montgomery County Republican Party headquarters

** National Rifle Association, a Key 2nd Amendment group, endorses Kurita in Write-In campaign

**Gray Sasser says the Dems “decided they were not going to let Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey and his partisan allies hijack the Democratic Party’s primary process.”

Senator Rosalind Kurita recently annouced she would run a write-in campaign for the state Senate District 22 seat, launching a campaign from new headquarters at 1817 Madison Street.

Kurita won the primary race with a 19-vote edge over challenger Tim Barnes, who successfully challenged that election result and had the victory overturned by the state Democratic Executive Committee. The state body then ruled that the executive committees of the three counties (Montgomery, Stewart and Houston) that comprised Senate District 22 meet and vote on the two candidates. That vote, 61-4, gave Barnes a Democratic slot on the November ballot.

Gray Sasser, chairman of the Tennessee Democratic Party, in a statement released today, said:

After all the talk of mythical smoke-filled rooms, the time has come to clear the air. As readers of (this newspaper) already know, the Democratic State Executive Committee, after almost eight hours of testimony at an open meeting attended by the public and press, decided that the District 22 state Senate primary election between Sen. Rosalind Kurita and Tim Barnes was “incurably uncertain. «Read the rest of this article»

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1 person, 0 votes : Voters elected Kurita, Committee selected Barnes


I honestly have nothing against Mr. Barnes.  I have everything against systems that select the winner of an election instead of letting the voting public make that decision.  My vote was stolen.

When the Supreme Court made the wrong decision to decide the presidential election in favor of Bush and not count the votes, I was dismayed.  My vote was stolen.  We all know the ramifications that has had over the past eight years.

1 Person, 1 Vote?

Jessica Cameron made a statement at last night’s session without saying a word.  She is a veteran of the Iraq war and a strong advocate for the environment.  Last year, she was the president of the APSU’s Students Organized to Advance Renewable Energy.


Protesting last night's tri-county convention and its selection of Tim Branes as state Senate District 22 candidate, Jessie Cameron protested the disenfranchising of 4000+ Kurita votes in the primary.


Incumbent Senator Rosalind Kurita takes 22nd District with 19-vote margin


Incumbent Senator Roslaind Kurita campaigns outside St. Bethlehem Methodist Church Thursday, August 7.

Nineteen votes. That narrowest of margins gave victory in the District 22 Senate race to incumbent Rosalind Kurita, who spent election day campaigning at wards across Montgomery County and the rest of the district that continues to support her. District 22 includes Montgomery, Houston and Cheatham counties. Sen. Kurita was unable to be reached prior to posting the election result.

Kurita defeated challenger Atty. Tim Barnes by 19 votes, a true “horse race” as elections go, with each candidate taking turns at the lead post until the final count gave victory to Kurita. Barnes has said that due to the closeness of the race, he will request a recount.

Voter turnout, including both early voting and the actual Thursday primary, was 11.86%. A total of 5238 Montgomery County voters cast ballots in the two-week early voting period, while another 4486 voted in the August 7 primary.

According to the Montgomery County Election Commission website (10 p.m. 8/7/08), Montgomery County voters favored Barnes 52.02% to 47.96% or 3369 to 3106. District wide, the numbers were Kurita 4477 (50.1%) to Barnes 4458 (49.89%). «Read the rest of this article»


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