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Clarksville City Council to vote on Ethics Policy


City of ClarksvilleClarksville, TN –  In what would seem like a “no-brainer” the Clarksville City Council is set to vote on a proposed ethics policy at a special session today.  Clarksville Mayor Kim McMillan has crafted an approach to dealing with ethics complaints within the city.

This should be fun.

In November, the city council “fired all guns” at one another with a series of ethics complaints that went nowhere.  You might remember the “dressing down” given to councilman Deanna McLaughlin by fellow councilman, and former friend, Joel Wallace.  You might also remember that the only councilman who made any sense during that meeting was, wait for it, wait for it….Jeff Burkhart.

Now, I’m not going to bore you with the details of this proposed policy.  I’ll leave that to the bright eyed and eager newspaper reporter.  The bottom line is if Mayor McMillan, or any mayor for that matter, has the votes and wants something done, it gets done.

But today’s meeting should be great theater.

An ethics policy is a sure fire way to show the citizens that elected officials won’t tolerate any “shady” behavior.  That they won’t “politicize” every single move they make.  To be on the “up and up.”  It shouldn’t matter who would get credit for it, just do it.  Easy right?

Well, nothing is easy with Clarksville city government.

With the recent Hemlock Semi-Conductor layoffs, a Ft. Campbell deployment coming in March, and the possibility of losing 8,000 troops locally with more cuts in the Defense budget, we have bigger problems that need to be addressed.   Having an ethics policy should be the easy part.  I mean, how hard is it to get something in place that shows you mean business?

Just do the right thing.

I’m telling you, these are tough times we’re living in.  Give me something I can brag about.

This is also a time for the citizens to demand better.  I’ve said it before.  Until “we the people” take an interest in the decisions that affect us all, then everything remains the same.  You need to pick up the phone and call your councilman.  Let them know how you feel.  Attend a council meeting.  Quit making excuses, and get involved.   Call the mayor’s office.

You can do it.  You must do it.

Today’s meeting begins at 4:30pm in city council chambers.  It’s open to the public.

You can watch online at

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