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United States Senate Hopeful, Harold Ford, Jr. To Speak at Machinists Union Hall

Harold Ford, JRCandidate for U.S. Senate & Current U.S. Congressmen, Harold Ford Jr. will be Speaking in Clarksville at the Machinist Union Hall on Wednesday August 9, 2006 At 6:00 p.m.

For more Information Please Contact: The Montgomery County Democratic Party Head Quarters (931) 553-0355

Harold Ford, Jr. to speak in Clarksville, TN

When: Wednesday, August 9th at 6pm
Where: Machinist Union Hall Building
Union Hall Road
Clarksville TN. (MAP)
Admission: Free


(The text below is from the Harold Ford, Jr. Campaign Web site)

About Harold Ford, Jr.

At a time when politicians define themselves by their parties or ideologies, Harold Ford, Jr. is the rare politician who puts solutions before partisan politics. He focuses on making government work for people.  When government is ineffective or gets in the way, he works to reform it and remove barriers that prevent people from getting ahead.

Elected in 1996, Ford has been re-elected four times by an average of 80% of the vote and enjoys a reputation as a consensus builder. In 1998, Ford was 28 years old when he cast his vote for the first federal balanced budget – the first time America’s budget had been balanced since 1969. He has played pivotal roles in advancing legislation to reform the nation’s campaign finance laws, to crack down on corporate cheaters by strengthening corporate governance laws, to encourage more Americans to serve their country and to raise standards in public education.

As a candidate for the U.S. Senate, Ford wants to make government work for all Tennesseans, not just a few. He is working to make our country independent of Middle East oil, wants a balanced budget amendment to the Constitution, and is sponsoring bipartisan legislation, the ASPIRE Act, to provide an investment account for every child born in America. He believes in the transformative power of early childhood education and the ability of faith and community based organizations to heal our communities.

Harold Ford believes that protecting the American people is the first responsibility of government. He is a leader in ensuring that first responders and law enforcement get the resources they need to protect Tennesseans and the country against terrorism and catastrophic events. As a member of the Department of Defense’s Transformation Advisory Group, he is helping to advise the Pentagon on developing a new organizational framework to defend the country and our future.

When too many of our leaders seek to divide us, Congressman Harold Ford, Jr. has the vision and blueprint to bring Tennessee together and move us forward. 


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