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Get out and vote on November 7th

A Microvote Infinity voting machineIt’s really great that 20,972 people early voted in Montgomery County Tennessee, but a total of 74,843 people are registered to vote here. That leaves 53,871 people who have yet to vote! I want to strongly encourage each and every one of you to do so, on November 7th. Your party and who you will vote for doesn’t matter, your participation in the democratic process does. No excuses. Your vote does make a difference, so get out and VOTE!


Bill Larson
Bill Larson
Bill Larson is  is politically and socially active in the community. Bill is a member of the Friends of Dunbar Cave. You can reach him via telephone at 931-249-0043 or via the email address below.


  1. Mr. Lawson,

    I have read your article and have some serious questions for you. Why should I or for that matter the minority community vote for any candidate Democrat or Republican when they will not speak out about the city of Clarksville being out of compliance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964? WHY won’t these candidates speak out about the city’s refusal to defend and enforce federal law. The minority community can no longer accept the present status quo, which is to accept the fact that minorities cannot fairly bid on contracting and subcontracting opportunities on city, county and school system contracts?

    I hear your words but they are falling on deaf ears. This present slate of candidates will not speak out about the failure of state officials to include Governor Bredesen to follow Title VI laws, rules and regulations and we should express our displeasure by not voting for them come election day.
    Joe Pitts, Tim Barnes, and Bruce Gibbs all Tennessee Democrats have not said a word about the city of Clarksville being out of compliance with the Civil Rights Act of 1964? WHY? So you want our community to vote for a party that does not and will not defend our civil rights? Do you know how crazy that sounds?

    If a man is beating you with a stick and he suddenly lets it go, would you pick up that stick and then give it back to him knowing fully well that he intends to whip you some more? Well, Sir, that’s what you and other so-called leaders of our community are doing! Shame on all of you! You are helping politicians get elected who have no intentions of changing anything! It’s all right because in the opinion of many black folks have no rights anyway. I don’t see white folks giving up their rights to support a candidate!

    Terry McMoore and other black leaders do not have the courage to stand up before the minority community and say please vote for these Democrats who will not support our civil rights because of the big picture.

    If these so-called Democrats are elected none of them will say a word about our civil rights here in Clarksville. That includes Governor Bredesen! So when the cycle of minorities not being able to bid on contracts and subcontracting opportunities continue and minorities are not hired on these million dollar construction projects funded with our taxpayer dollars, you and others can pat yourself on the back and count the silver in your pockets for a job WELL-DONE!

    VOTE TITLE VI IN 2006!

    Enoch Hagans

  2. So are you encouraging people not to vote? I strongly disagree with you on not voting. Why would anyone willingly disenfranchise themselves.

    Realistically, it comes down as usual in our political system to a choice between two parties. Which one has been more proactive in protecting civil rights, and on helping everyone including minorities. It’s certainly not the Republican Party. If you allow them win by not voting, you have only hurt your self.

    You specifically maligned all the Democratic Party candidates, but you did not offer one sour word against a single Republican one. Are they not just as guilty in your eyes, or have they some special exemption in your mind. For the last 6 years they have had the full control of our federal government, in that time how much did they advance the civil rights of minorities. How much did they protect the civil rights of Americans. They didn’t. Yet you offer no criticism towards them. I see this as extremely hypocritical.

    I have seen you post the same thing over and over again on various forums. I ask you this. If you feel so strongly about this issue. If you feel it’s an important issue for the minority community, why have you not ran for political office with this as your platform? You can editorialize on this subject all you wish, but as you point out it’s not changed a single thing.

    Title VI states specifically that:

    No person in the United States shall, on the ground of race, color, or national origin, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.

    How have you been discriminated against by the City of Clarksville or the State of Tennessee?

    I could find no list of requirements in the statute for agencies receiving federal funds, only for the federal agencies which are distributing funds. I also looked in the USDOJ’s Title VI Legal manual.

    What is it that you maintain that the city was required to do under the title VI statute, that they have not done.

    You posted two almost identical comments on this subject on two posts. I deleted one of them. It’s not me trying to suppress your voice or anything, I consider it cross posting, something I don’t want started here.

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