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Caging: Did It, Could It Happen In Tennessee?

Republican election trickery exposed as Rove Protege Resigns

Election- Neon SignArkansas US Attorney Tim Griffin, the controversial US Attorney in Arkansas, has resigned his position. Griffin is a protege of Karl Rove and former research director of the Republic National Committee.

The BBC reported in 2004 that Griffin led a “caging” scheme to suppress the votes of African American servicemembers in Florida. As a result, 1,886 U. S. servicemembers were denied their right to vote because they lived in predominantly black and traditionally Democratic  areas of Jacksonville, FL. These servicemembers were stationed overseas at the time. This tactic was a deliberate assault upon our military forces engaged in defending our freedom and liberties.

Sending mail marked, “Do not forward-returned to sender,” and then challenging those servicemember voters’ absentee ballots is beyond the pale of lowball politics. But the Republican Party, in recent years, has resorted to using these kinds of tactics to minimize voting blocks which they have failed to win over to their side. Florida has proved a fertile testing ground for these tactics.

It is reprehensible to think that in “the land of the free and the home of the brave,” that these kinds of dirty tricks and fraud would even be considered, much less actually carried out, by “the Party of Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Gerald Ford and Ronald Reagan!”

Is “caging” the newest manifestation of ‘hitting one for the gipper? Somehow, I don’t think he would have approved.

For an explaination of what “caging” is, go to:


Given the documented evidence of this fraud, one must question whether these tactics have been tried here in Montgomery County, or anywhere else in Tennessee, for that matter. Suppressing the Black vote seems to be a national obsession with the GOP. Have black voters here in Tennessee been likewise victimized by Republican dirty tricks in recent elections? Challenges to absentee ballots has become a major component of Republican election strategy. Karl Rove seems to have a penchant for devising and inflicting treachery upon the American electorate.

 Where will he strike in 2008?


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