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Celestial Esscents: “Magick Mojo,” herbal teas, and a warm welcome

co-peggy.jpgSadie’s Majick Mojo.  This homemade herbal remedy has phenomenal “word of mouth” promotion, enough to make it a best seller hard to keep in stock.

Sadie’s Magick Mojo is the creation of Peggy Spencer, proprietor of a new little shop of energy,” Celestial Esscents, on Wilma Rudolph Boulevard.

co-mojo.JPGWhen Peggy’s Mom was dying, Peggy wanted her to be as comfortable as possible at home. One of problems her mother faced was that her skin was terribly itchy and hurt at the same time. She never seemed to find relief and the medicine she had did nothing.

Peggy decided she would come up with something to help her…and she did. She collected and assembled herbs, mixed them, cooked them and created a salve for her Mom, who was so amazed by the salve, she helped name it.  Hence, Sadie’s Magic Mojo.  It flies off the shelves at the new store.

“I usually can’t keep enough of it around because it sells so fast,” Peggy says of the healing salve which is marketed in little brown jars with old-looking labels that hint of the “majick” inside.  Customers tell her that as word of the salve gets around, she’ll have to consider going into “mass production.”

Debbie Boen attestes to using the salve. “Because Tennessee winters are so dry, I was told to wear gloves several nights with Neosporin to try and heal my split fingers at the fingernails. The salve fixed it overnight;  it also relieved and healed the cuts on my arms from cutting wild rose bushes, with just two applications.  I gave my father-in-law a jar and he threw his psoriasis prescription away.  It works.  The natural ingredients also clean out wounds.  I used spearmint drops (that can be used on skin) and Magick Mojo on my dog’s hot spots.  The spearmint kept her from licking it.”  All of us who know about it keep a jar around to deal with burns, cuts, bruises and even to put on our aging faces.

The idea for the new shop, Celestial Esscents,  started with Body, Mind and Spirit and owner Annette Cunningham, patrons Kitty Madden, Debbie Boen, Peggy Spencer and something they called “chocolate Fridays.” Every Friday they shared chocolate, sat, and visited in a celebration of spirit, of friendship, of chocolate.  Peggy took an LOA from the group and her regular job to live with her Mom, returning to chocolate Fridays after her mom had passed away.  She returned with a vision of creating a place where people could gather, sit, relax, chat and be in the good company of kindred spirits.  She wanted a place where she could help people heal themselves.  That’s when she introduced everyone to the mojo, which works on burns, as Christine, who used it on burns and the scars from her burns, will testify.

Celestial Esscents, the shop, is about much more than the magical salve; it is a healing space. When a little house on Wilma Rudolph became available, Peggy leased it; people showed up seemingly out of nowhere to rewire electricity and install the lights, repair and paint the place.  Debbie Boen made the exterior sign.


“It all fell into place,” Peggy said.  If we needed something, “it would appear within days.” People helped and showed up exactly when they were needed. “This place feels like it belongs to the community” says Peggy.  The shop opened in May, 2007.

Coming in the front door, you walk into a gold painted foyer; then the main room draws you in with its delicious chocolate color.

“We didn’t know how the chocolate color was going to work out. It looked pink chocolate for a long time. Then, as we got the other colors done, it became this rich, comfortable, grounding color that you experience now,” Peggy says about the different colored rooms. “I used my intuition with all the colors and all the furniture. I went to flea markets and when I saw something that caught my eye, I got it and magically, it fit.  From the look of the main room, everyday is a chocolate day.   The house evolved from a cold, empty place to a space that is warm and alive — a healing source.

Frank and Peggy started the shop together. Frank has been doing intuitive readings in Clarksville for many years, first at the Body, Mind and Spirit Shop and now at Celestial Esscents.

co-frank-w-tarot.JPGFrank Castellano says of the building, “It’s like Hogwarts Castle in Harry Potter. You get the sense that the castle is alive.  This place is alive. It is its own being.” Frank does intuitive readings in a room painted indigo. Just as a dark wall brings out the colors in any picture that you hang, the dark colors seem to bring out our “colors”.  The healing release of laughter comes so easily there, almost echoing the bubble of the water fountain in the back of the room.

“People like to know that they are a spirit and they have choices.  An intuitive reading lets you know what you already know but are unable to access about yourself.  You have your own answers inside, it’s just not always easy to see them,” Frank says about the intuitive readings.

Frank, Peggy and their friends are honoring the spirit of Annette Cunningham in this new shop.  They welcome all paths and faiths.; they exude compassion and consideration for everyone, acknowledging that every being is unique and “old” in their wisdom.

“The shop is about people being able to breathe”, says Frank, “to heal”, says Peggy. When you heal you become more aware of your truly awesome self.

co-teas-and-herbs.JPGWithin the rooms of this shop visitors will find herbal teas are on sale, with daily samples available.  Guests are welcome to sit on the sofa or arm chair and have some tea.  Peggy has chosen teas with health benefits: they have antioxidants, lower blood pressure, boost mental clarity, settle queasy stomachs, ease us into sleep at night.  The benefits of tea are boundless.

Peggy also makes soaps and bath salts.  Shelves are lined with candles, crystals, jewelry, tea pots, incense, books and more.  She also does energy healings on people and offers the space for classes and workshops too.

co-sign.JPGUpcoming classes include “Guided Imagery:  Cleansing the Aura,” “Angelic Healing Vibration Course,” “Kundalini and Chakra Fitness,””Intuitive Tarot” and more.  Check our their website at http://www.celestialesscents.com or call the shop at 931- 552-7777. The shop is located at 1850 Wilma Rudolph Rudolph Boulevard and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m.



  1. Jeff,
    Sure, one can buy a bible here. We are more of a natural health store, carrying items such as herbs, teas, aromatherapy, spa salts, etc. As far as our books, we don’t carry many because it is to hard to compete with the major chain book stores. Actually I think we have 6 books on the shelves right now. One of which is a Daily Inspirational book and another is The Return Of The Prodigal Son, a son’s challenge to receive a father’s love. Others are on aromatherapy, crystals, etc.

    Most of our book sales are done through special order. We would be happy to order a bible for you! We have an antique bible from the 1800’s on our mantel, and have been asked many times if it was for sale. Sorry, not this one! =)

    We have a class beginning in October based on the book “The Universe is Calling”, which is about prayer.

    Currently we are in the middle of teaching an angelic healing modality course.

    As stated in the article, we honor all paths and faiths! If you’d like us to order that bible, just let us know!

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