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Alternatives to Violence Program: Releasing the anger

“I would not volunteer my time for such a long weekend if I were not convinced of the efficacy of the program.” — Polly Coe

With those words, Coe said it is not too late to register for the next offering of the Alternatives to Violence Program, a transformative weekend program designed to break down the barriers of suppressed emotions and thus learn new strategies to break the cycle of anger and violence.

Coe, a licensed therapist, is once again offering this three-day workshop October 12-14 at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at 3035 Highway 41A South. The $30 fee includes food and facilities costs.

As a therapist, I saw more and more soldiers returning from the Middle East angry. It was frustrating to treat them one at a time. So I sought out faster, more effective treatment than individual therapy. Most anger management workshops did not lead to personal transportation, just helped people control their anger outwardly. They did not help the person change their outlook.

Coe said the Alternatives to Violence Program helps people change their attitudes and feelings. The three day workshop is worth a year of therapy in my opinion. It is quite intense and permits people to actually experience another way, a peaceful, respectful way of solving differences. It is often a transformative experience for the participants. It helps people understand that they have options and can control their own feelings, emotions. They learn that they can change the anger patterns with effort and practice. And they like themselves a lot more when they start to practice the changes. Coe reiterates:

“I sure would not volunteer my time for such a long weekend if I were not convinced of the efficacy of the program. My co-facilitator, Edward Belbusti, and I are often elated, emotionally high by the end of the weekend. The participants take it over by Sunday, and we can mostly sit back and watch in awe as the people change before our very eyes. It is a gratifying experience.” — Polly Coe

FTo register, or for more information, call Polly Coe at 931-542-89565 or e-mail her at .


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