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Tarot, Reiki, massage at Open House

co-celestial-header_left1.JPGCelestial Esscents will host a Holiday Open House Saturday, November 3rd with a program that includes free healing energy sessions by certified Reiki practioners and graduates of the Angelic Healing Vibration and Crystal Healing Therapy courses.

Free Tarot readings will be offered and guests can also try a mini chair massage and chair mini-massages will also be offered. The event is a six-month celebration of the shops opening.

To finish the day on a special note, Frank Castellano will use his mediumship abilities to connect attendees with their loved ones on the other side in a Gallery Reading, “Communicating Beyond The Veil”. The gallery reading will be held at 6pm and seats are limited. Reserve your seat by prepaying in advance.

Celestial Esscents is located at 1850 Wilma Rudolph Boulevard in Clarksville. For more information about any of our activities, please call: 931-552-7777.


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