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A letter from Clarksville NAACP President, Jimmie Garland

Jimmie Garland photoThanks Clarksville Online for your support. Your devotion to covering events hosted by the Clarksville Branch of the NAACP throughout the city of Clarksville this weekend was unparallel. We, as the sponsor of the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. commemorative celebration, salute you and your staff on making our programs more available to those who desired to partake.

The MLK holiday for some was just a day-off, but for members of the NAACP, it was a day-on. By this I mean a day set aside to pay homage to a man who made a tremendous difference in the way we live today. Believe it or not, there were some who chose simply to forget the contributions he made to freedom irregardless of race, creed or national origin.

We, the NAACP, chose to devote quality time to keep the dream alive by attending religious services, preparing and presenting workshops and marching. Although the march was symbolic, it had its relevance to society as we know it today.

As some of us reflect back to the days of the 60’s, we know the meaning behind the marches and the songs we sung. During that period, each song carried a distinct meaning and each step symbolized moving just a little closer to realizing the goal of equality; equality in education, economics, politics, as well as social recognitions.

We have not made it to the mountaintop yet, but we still strive. We strive to be the best citizens, best employees, best neighbors and best friends to members of our community. We strive to make sure our children get the best possible education, healthcare, and are equipped to assimilate into the spheres of adulthood. We strive to live our life in a way that serves as an icon to our peers as well as our subordinates. We strive to hold those accountable who are elected to represent our best interest.

The holiday has ended but our commitment to fight the fight of justice for all continues. It continues because we still have flaws in our fabrics. The fabric of democracy is going through a process of renewal. If she is to successfully complete that cycle, each of us have a role to play in mending it. As we look forward to the rest of 2008, let us focus on the greatness of the deeds done by Dr. King. His sacrifice, commitment and willingness to go to jail to help right the wrongs that were being inflicted upon the poor.

We are a great nation, great state, great city and most of all a great people. May God truly bless America in 2008.

Jimmie Garland, Sr.

Editor’s Note: Jimmie Garland is a contributor for Clarksville Online.

Jimmie Garland, Sr.
Jimmie Garland, Sr.http://www.freewebs.com/jimmiegarland/
I am a civil right activist/Advocate. I currently serve as the President of the Clarksville Branch of the NAACP. I am also the Tennessee State Conference of the NAACP 2nd Vice President. I am an elder of my church, True Vine WGC, and the Vice President of Big Brother Big Sisters of Clarksville. Have represented the CMCSS District 5, As Schoolboard Representative.

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