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In the best interests of our children …

In his most recent platform statement, Ward 8 City Council candidate David Cutting addresses issues the affect the safety and quality of life for our children.

What can we do, as a city, for our most important asset, the children? If elected city councilor, I would work for the following issues, each of which will eventually be without cost to our taxpayers.

  • Foster Care: We need more foster care homes here in Clarksville, to keep at-risk children near their families, and to keep the state and federal monies paid to their caregivers here in Clarksville, rather than remote cities and counties. I will lobby the state to repeal the prohibition against DCS workers and their spouses being foster parents, and, if successful, will care for two foster children in my home. (Please note my wife is a DCS social worker.) I will also use my office to promote volunteerism for foster care.
  • Speed Bumps: The Clarksville City Council recently erred in requiring underground utilities and sidewalks in new subdivisions, at developer expense, without also requiring speed humps. We do not need the speed bumps that ruin our vehicles’ alignment, but we do need the humps to enforce 20 mph speed limits designed to save our children’s lives.
  • Pre-Kindergarten: Studies show that children attending pre-kindergarten are more likely to graduate high school, graduate college, obtain better jobs, spend more money, and pay higher taxes. I will use my office to lobby the state for more pre-K classrooms in Clarksville.
  • Seat Belts: The requirement that we seat-belt our children in our vehicles is oxymoronic to the fact that the county does not provide seat belts in its school buses, which could result in serious injuries to our children, and expensive lawsuits for our taxpayers. I will lobby the school board for seat belts on all our school buses.
  • Nutrition: The sales taxes on food is regressive, causing many parents to either shop in Kentucky, or worse, not buy needed food items for their children. Repeal the sales tax on food, and we will have healthier children and higher business income in Clarksville.
  • Higher Education: The presence in Clarksville of Austin Peay State University is a blessing. However, Clarksville is also large enough to have a community college. We need to keep our youth here, rather than commuting to Kentucky, and paying for tuition, books, supplies, and meals there. This will lead to increased community activities and pride, and higher business income in Clarksville.

I will encourage my constituents to share their ideas for improving the quality of life for our upcoming generations.


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