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Dems line up to endorse Tim Barnes Senate bid

The Senate Democratic Caucus is throwing its support behind  Attorney Tim Barnes in the race for the District 22 Senator to represent Montgomery, Cheatham, and Houston Counties.

Caucus Chair  Senator Joe Haynes, in endorsing Barnes, called Barnes ” a good neighbor” and offered high praise for his character and the issues to which Barnes intends to support:

“Tim is coming to Nashville to help us face the challenges before us. He’s a problem solver, and he’s committed to working to continue balancing the state budget without new taxes, to expanding access to education so Tennesseans of all ages can get the skills they need to be successful in today’s economy, and to providing the high quality and affordable health care that everyone needs and deserves. Across this state, voters are responding to the message of common sense solutions and hard work that our candidates are taking to them.”

Inez Crutchfield, one of only 11 Tennessee Democratic Party Executive Committee members that voted against voiding the primary election in State Senate District 22, today released the following statement endorsing Tim Barnes in the General Election:

“Democrats now have our nominee in Senate District 22, and we’re ready to move forward with Tim Barnes. Tim will be a fine senator for the people of Montgomery, Cheatham, and Houston Counties. He understands the need to provide a quality education for our children and quality and affordable health care for everyone. He’ll stand tall or the values we share. Democrats are united and proud that Tim is now our nominee for the Tennessee Senate.”


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