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Thursday, December 1, 2022
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After primary apathy, long but fast moving voters lines are “a breath of fresh air”

Kudos to the Election Commission staff for keeping the lines flowing smoothing during these first days of early voting.

As I have for nearly 40 years, I cast my vote today, though having seen the crowds, which includes hundred of new voters, waiting to exercise the privilege and right to vote, I was wondering just how long it would take. Less than 15 minutes. With at least 50 people ahead of me.

Approximately 100 people stand in line waiting to vote.Six stations have trained staff ready and waiting to check your credentials, verify your ID, and move you on to a hallway where the ballot is posted for you to review (if you haven’t already). From there, it’s a few steps to the machines, and a few buttons to push.

There is ample parking at the Veteran’s Plaza lot, and the lane leading to the commission door is lined with enthusiastic campaigners and signs. Plenty of handicapped parking slots have been earmarked, and given that the pace of voting is quick, there seems to be a constant availability of handicapped parking slots for those who are mobility impaired.

Remember that no campaign badges, buttons, bumper stickers or other political material can be brought to the voting site, and discussion of the issues and candidates is prohibited in the waiting lines.

Don’t be alarmed at the number of voters ahead of you; it is a finely tuned process that, so far, is doing just what it is supposed to do. There’s no excuse not to vote. Not even the lines.

After the epidemic of primary race voter apathy, the 100-people lines are a breath of fresh air.


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