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Democrats: We are beating ourselves

Incumbent Sen. Rosalind Kurita explains the write-in process to early voter Tom Altman

As I was campaigning for Senator Kurita to educate people about how to vote for a write-in candidate yesterday, it was clear to me that the Democratic party is wasting a lot of time, money, and energy of some of their very best people.  All those loyal Tim Barnes supporters (including many good friends of mine) and all those loyal Rosalind Kurita supporters (including myself) would probably be out campaigning for Barack Obama if this controversial Democrat AGAINST Democrat race had not been instigated by the leadership of the Tennessee Democratic Party.

I believe the PRIMARY job of the Tennessee Democratic Party Leadership is to win seats against REPUBLICANS, not their own party.  They are the ones that need to be scrutinized here.  Who exactly hatched the plot to run a Democrat against another sure-fire winning Democratic incumbent in Senate District 22?  I know about the Wilder vote; this has to run much deeper than that.

I’m working to elect Senator Kurita based on her voting record.  She’s endorsed by the Sierra Club and other green organizations. She’s rated the highest Tennessee senator for supporting green legislation by the TN Conservation Voters.  She was instrumental in passing the legislation to ban smoking in restaurants in the state and to increase the cigarette tax.  She supported verifiable elections in Tennessee.

I feel so disenfranchised by the Democratic Party action in throwing out the Kurita election that I don’t want to go to the Montgomery County Democratic headquarters.  I guess some Republicans are rightfully laughing at us all the way to the polls/bank.

Beth Robinson
Beth Robinson
Tennessee native. Computer Systems Analyst - 30+ year career in computer industry. B.S. Computer Science, 1983 TTU. M.A. Instructional Technology, 1999 APSU. She is a member of the Friends of Dunbar Cave,  Tennessee Tree Steward,  The Climate Project, Audubon,  Sierra Club, World Wildlife Fund, League of Conservation Voters, an active member of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Clarksville (UUFC), UU Service Committee, and UUFC Social Action chairperson / Green Sanctuary chairperson / Youth group advisor.


  1. Isn’t that the problem? We had one candidate who was backed by the Republican party which during the primary encouraged their base to cross over and vote in the Democratic party primary in order to select her as the Republican choice for the “Democratic party” candidate. Without this Republican support she lost the election, as was made perfectly clear by her slim 19 vote victory. The party leadership reacted to this overt attempt at electoral manipulation by the opposing party and corrected this abuse of the system in their overturning of the election and appointment of Tim Barnes as the candidate of the party for the seat. Since then Kurita’s campaign material is openly being made available in the Republican Party Headquarters, the Republican party leadership has thrown fundraisers for her campaign. People campaigning for Republican candidates frequently also display Kurita signs. It’s quite clear that SHE IS the Republican party candidate. How any Democrat can overlook all of that, and still vote for her is quite puzzling.

    The time for Republicans to choose to support and vote for the Democratic party candidate is the general election, not during the “Democratic Party Primary” So is not Kurita acting in the role the spoiler here? Tennessee’s very own version of Joe Lieberman.

  2. Rosalind Kurita got kicked off the ballot because she broke the law. Turns out the party didn’t even know all the laws she had broken when they kicked her off. As they should have. She crashed a polling place. Her people told voters to vote in the wrong primary. Now it turns out that she’s illegally funding her campaign. This isn’t a Democrat on Democrat race. This is a Democrat on Law Breaker race. I’m against Kurita because she can’t be trusted.

  3. I don’t think Floyd so much missed your point as he disagreed with it. You started out saying that Democrat against Democrat was taking away from the energies which could be devoted to the presidential race but quickly devolved into a campaign pitch for Kurita.

    Do you really feel someone should vote for Kurita because she’s a “Sure fire winning democrat incumbent”? Does integrity not play a part there? What if someone is a democrat but just doesn’t feel Kurita will represent their interests? Should they still vote for her becuase she’s a “Surefire win?”.

    The Democratic party is not running a “Democrat against Democrat” race. The Democratic party has chosen their candidate, Tim Barnes. Kurita has chosen to run as a write in candidate.

    In the interest of openness I am not a member of either political party, I will however be voting a primarily Democratic ticket in this election.


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