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Altar Boyz now performing at the Roxy Regional Theatre


Altar Boyz

Roxy Theatre's "Altar Boyz"

Suddenly I felt a presence

Ending my deep dark fears

There was this heavenly sound

Of something ringing in my ears

Jesus called me on my cell phone

He beeped me!

He faxed me!

He emailed my soul!

~The Calling

The (Altar Boyz) show is presented as a concert, the last concert of their national “Raise the Praise” tour, by the five member group the Altar Boyz and their band. Altar Boyz runs through February 28 at the Roxy Regional Theatre.

Although many of the lines and lyrics in the show are susceptible to humorous or satirical interpretations, as is common in satire the performers do not acknowledge such double meanings in their performances.

Altar Boyz: Matthew (Dan Gershaw), Luke (Joel Halstead), Juan (Jonathan Juarbe), Mark (Bryan Zoppi) and Abraham (Chad Parsons)

Altar Boyz: Matthew (Dan Gershaw), Luke (Joel Halstead), Juan (Jonathan Juarbe), Mark (Bryan Zoppi) and Abraham (Chad Parsons)

What I saw at the Roxy show of the Altar Boyz was a young group of Christian pop singers who charmed us with their great voices, impressive dancing, diverse personalities and acting (oh yeah, they’re acting).  Little girls danced at their theatre seats during the songs.  The Altar Boyz tempt young and older with their energy, vitality and charisma.  Just look at their faces; could they be any purer, any sweeter?  Well…yeah.

Altar Boyz: Matthew, Mark, Luke, Juan and Abraham have a plan to reduce the number of burdened souls in our audience to zero.  They refer to their machine, the Soul Sensor DX12 to see how their music is reducing our un-godliness.  Meanwhile we are laughing at the double meanings of the things they are saying and the personality traits that are spilling out all over the stage.  One song sings about chastity while hips swing and oh, they are so cute.

Evans Donnell, a stage critic for The Tennessean, says, “The target of the satire, for those who take their faith seriously, is not Judeo-Christian beliefs. It’s the modern absurdity of trying to package those beliefs with a Backstreet Boys-like, American Idol-friendly pop group.”

This is a show to see again and again to catch all those lines, all those double meanings.  This is a fun, fun show.  Fans can purchase Tee shirts and take their pictures with the Boyz after the show.

Dan Gershaw, Bryan Zoppi, Joel Halstead, Jonathan Juarbe and Chad Parsons give their professional best in this show.  Directed by Tom Thayer and choreography by Braham Logan Crane.  The band is Tom Thayer, Josh Smith and Brandon Wilson.

The show runs through the end of the month(Feb. 28), playing Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m.,  Tickets for ALTAR BOYZ can be purchased through the Roxy Regional Theatre website at or by calling (931) 645-7699 during box office hours (9 a.m.-2 p.m., weekdays).

(song words)

you gotta work on your soul,

if just your outside is nice, you’ll be paying the price

you gotta work on your soul,

use it everyday or it’ll go away

you got to work, work, work on your soul

~Body, Mind & Soul

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