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A Week’s Worth: News from the State Senate

sentimbarnes‘A Week’s Worth’ is a feature that gives Tennesseans an in-depth look at what State Senator Tim Barnes has been working on this past week, and a preview for the coming week in the Senate.

This week:

  • Graduation
  • Protecting our children at school
  • Made in the USA


This is a big time in the lives of our high school seniors, with graduations planned across Tennessee. Best wishes to you seniors, and congratulations to all you moms and dads who’ve helped them be all they can be!

We also take time to honor our bravest Americans – those who gave it all in freedom’s fight. Freedom is an everyday thing for us – easy to take for granted. But especially here in the Clarksville area, Memorial Day reminds us of the high price that’s been paid.

Protecting our children at school

Parents in Cheatham County are concerned about the potential for convicted sex offenders to go onto school property, and rightly so. I had a chance Thursday night to listen to their concerns at a school board meeting.

I told them about a bill I am sponsoring that would completely prohibit registered sex offenders from being on school grounds or being within 1,000 feet of the school regardless of whether they have children attending the school.

State law currently allows parents or legal guardians to visit schools where their children attend, even if they are convicted sex offenders.

That must change. There is nothing more important that we as a society or I as a lawmaker can do than protecting our children.

I assure you I will continue to fight for this one.

Made in the USA

Senator Eric Stewart sponsored a resolution this week expressing the state’s commitment to buy products and services made in the United States when we spend our share of federal stimulus money. I was proud to support it.

As we work our way out of these tough times, it’s more important than ever that we put our money where our jobs are: in American businesses.

We in Tennessee have seen too many good manufacturing jobs go overseas. It’s time we make a commitment to keeping our dollars and our jobs here, where we need them most.

I’m glad to put my name on this resolution that encourages the state to do business that way … Tim


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