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DIY Tree Wall Decal

JulesVinyl wall decals are all the rage in the decor world right now, and rightly so. They are super cute, easier than painting, and you can pull them right off the wall without any damage.

But with a price tag of $50 or more, it may seem that wall decals are meant only for the prosperous and affluent. But you can create the look of wall decals for a fraction of the cost of buying one. Here’s an easy way to create this tree decal, using one of my favorite friends… contact paper.

Tree Decal

Supplies Needed:

  • 2-3 colors of Contact Paper
  • scissors
  • pen/ marker
  • tape measure/ruler
  • small piece of cardboard (not pictured)


Step 1: Determine your desired size and cut the paper to fit. Lay paper on a hard flat surface, facing down.

Lay out paper
Lay out paper

Step 2: Draw a free-hand pattern for your tree trunk. Cut out.

Draw pattern
Draw pattern

Step 3: Starting from the bottom, apply to wall, peeling off the backing about 3 to 4 inches at a time. Use a credit card to smooth onto wall.

Apply to wall
Apply to Wall

Step 4: Using a thin piece of cardboard, draw and cut out a template for your leaves, in two different sizes.

Cut templates for leaves
Cut templates for leaves

Step 5: Using your cardboard templates, trace pattern for leaves. For a two-tonal look, use one color of contact paper for your large leaves and another for your small leaves. Cut out.

Trace template for leaves
Trace template for leaves

Step 6: Apply leaves to your liking, and you have just created your very own tree wall decal!

You’re done!

The basic principles used in this project can also be applied to make many other types of wall decals. Trees are certainly not the only design you can create. Stars, hearts, circles and clouds are all very easy to do. So take this idea and roll with it!

Julie Capouch
Julie Capouchhttp://www.julietalksbooks.blogspot.com
Julie Capouch is a Master's candidate in Literature at APSU, military wife, and mother of two very busy preschoolers. Children's literature is her passion, and she loves all things Bill Martin Jr . She writes monthly book reviews in Clarksville Family, and is also a WorkMom blogger for Working Mother Magazine.

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