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City Charter Revisions – You May Get to Decide

The bill to significantly revise the City of Clarksville charter made it out of a legislative subcommittee  today, with an amendment attached mandating that the changes be voted on in a referendum.

Terry McMoore asked Rep Curtis Johnson office to comment on what we should expect to happen next in the legislature.  Rep. Johnson stated next Tuesday at 12 noon the bill will go before the full Local Government Committee and if  it passes then it will go before the Calendar and Rules Committee which meets twice a week. They usually pick to meet either on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. at this time they don’t know which day.  So it is far from over, the bill as amended could be passed, which would allow voters to decide.  Or the bill could be voted down, which would kill the charter revisions.

But, as citizens and voters you need to educate yourself on the issues.  I have written and collaborated with others (thanks Terry and Bill) on several articles that you may find helpful.  I did not start this series of articles anticipating a long term series, but I am glad to help disseminate information.

One additional piece of information that I have obtained is a copy of the city charter with the recommended changes highlighted.  I would like to thank Mr. Joesph D. Schwenz Sr, for providing COL with this file.

Download (PDF, 353KB)

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Blayne Clements
Blayne Clements
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  1. We have been informed that are copy of the charter is not the most current. The current charter can be found at:

    The charter with the proposed revisions is located at:

    The council voted on March 4, 2010, to pull the legislative bill requesting the charter be revised. This action kills the bill, the revisons, he charter, and the referendum.

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